You can hail cabs on the street or call for one. Licensed cabs are red with a gold triangle on the front doors. A 3-km (2-mile) ride costs around $3; tipping isn't customary. By law cabbies must use marías (meters) within the metropolitan area; the meter starts at about $1.15. Any taxi can take you to the airport. Taxi Aeropuerto—whose vehicles are orange—is the only authorized taxi service from the airport into San José. Expect to pay $25 to $40 depending on your destination in the city. Cab drivers hate it if you slam the door; close the door gently.

The ride service Uber operates in San José and surrounding suburbs, albeit without proper government permits. Until Uber and the authorities work out their differences, you use the service at some risk.


Alfaro. 2221–8466.

Coopetaxi. 2235–9966.

San Jorge. 2221–3434.

Taxi Aeropuerto. 2221–6865;

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