San José has no central bus terminal. The city's public bus stations are all in sketchy neighborhoods. Always take a taxi to and from them. Bag-snatching is common inside the so-called Coca-Cola terminal, a onetime Coke bottling plant converted into a bus station. Watch your things carefully. Even better: use air-conditioned minivan shuttles operated by Grayline and Interbus instead of buses to travel between the capital and key tourist destinations.

City buses are cheap (¢100–¢150) and easy to use. For Paseo Colón and La Sabana, take buses marked "Sabana–Cementerio" from stops at Avenida 2 between Calles 5 and 7 or Avenida 3 next to the post office. For Los Yoses and San Pedro, take the various "San Pedro" buses from Avenida Central between Calles 9 and 11.

Bus Terminals

Gran Terminal del Caribe. C. Ctl., Avda. 13, Barrio Tournón, San José, San José, 10102. 2222–0610.

Terminal Coca-Cola. Avda. 1, C. 16, Barrio La Merced, San José, San José, 10102.

Terminal Empresarios Unidos. C. 16, Avda. 12, Barrio La Merced, San José, San José, 10102. 2221–6600; www.eupsacr.com.

Terminal MEPE. C. 12, Avda. 9, Barrio La Merced, San José, San José, 10102. 2257–8129; www.mepecr.com.

Terminal 7-10. C. 10, Avda. 7, across from former Cine Líbano, Barrio La Merced, San José, San José, 10102. 2519–9743; www.terminal7-10.com.

Terminal Tracopa. C. 5, Avda. 20, Barrio El Pacífico, San José, San José, 10104. 2221–4214; www.tracopacr.com.

Shuttle Companies

Grayline. 2220–2126; 800/719–3905; www.2020.graylinecostarica.com.

Interbus. 4100–0888; www.interbusonline.com.

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