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From Barcelona: The Acciona Trasmediterránea and Balearia car ferries serve Ibiza, Mallorca, and Menorca from Barcelona. The most romantic way to get to the Balearic Islands is by overnight ferry from Barcelona to Palma, sailing (depending on the line and the season) between 11 and 11:30 pm; you can watch the lights of Barcelona sinking into the horizon for hours—and when you arrive in Palma, around 7 am, see the spires of the cathedral bathed in the morning sun. Overnight ferries have lounges and private cabins. Round-trip fares vary with the line, the season, and points of departure and destination but from Barcelona are from around €110 for lounge seats or €270 per person for a double cabin (tax included).

Faster ferries operated by Balearia, with passenger lounges only, speed from Barcelona to Eivissa (Ibiza), to Palma and Alcúdia (Mallorca), and to Mahón (Menorca). Depending on the destination, the trip takes between three and six hours.

From Valencia: Acciona Trasmediterránea ferries leave Valencia late at night for Ibiza, arriving early in the morning. Balearia fast ferries (no vehicles) leave Valencia for Sant Antoni on Ibiza in the late afternoon, making the crossing in about 2½ hours. Acciona Trasmediterránea and Balearia have services from Valencia to Mallorca, and Trasmediterránea also runs a service to Mahón (Menorca). Departure days and times vary with the season, with service more frequent in summer.

From Dénia: Balearia runs a daily three-hour fast ferry service for passengers and cars between Dénia and Ibiza, another between Dénia and Formentera, and a similar eight-hour service between Dénia and Palma on weekends.

Interisland: Daily fast ferries connect Ibiza and Palma; one-way fares run €66–€81, depending on the type of accommodations. The Pitiusa and Trasmapi lines offer frequent fast ferry and hydrofoil service between Ibiza and Formentera (€27 one-way, €40–€44 round-trip). Daily ferries connect Alcúdia (Mallorca) and Ciutadella (Menorca) in three to four hours, depending on the weather; a hydrofoil makes the journey in about an hour.

Boat and Ferry Contacts

Acciona Trasmediterránea. 902/454645;

Balearia. 902/160180;

Mediterranea Pitiusa. Eivissa, Balearic Islands. 609/741067; 971/314461;

Trasmapi. Eivissa, Balearic Islands. 971/314433; 971/310711;

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