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On the Canaries, buses are known as guaguas (pronounced wa-was), likely a hispanicization of the English word "wagon." A bus terminal is usually called an intercambiador rather than an estación de autobuses. Expect to see these terms on signs and brochures.

Bus travel is generally good between the main resorts, airports, and capitals. In Tenerife, TITSA runs a wide-reaching network of routes connecting the airports with Santa Cruz and the south, and Los Rodeos airport with Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz. Global on Gran Canaria connects the capital and the south with the airport. Buses also transport ferry passengers to and from bus terminals and ports.

Each island has its own bus service geared toward residents. Buses generally leave each village early in the morning for the capital, then depart from the main plaza in early afternoon. Tourist offices have details.


Fuerteventura. The Tiadhe company runs several bus routes on the island. Services are good between Puerto del Rosario and nearby resorts. 928/855726; www.tiadhe.com.

Gran Canaria. Global is the main bus company. Services between the airport, Maspalomas, and Las Palmas are excellent. Bus routes to more remote parts of the island are less frequent. 928/939407; www.globalsu.net.

Lanzarote. Bus services on the island are run by Arrecife Bus, with good connections between Arrecife and the airport, and the southern resorts. Services are less frequent elsewhere. 928/811522; www.intercitybuslanzarote.es.

Tenerife. TITSA provides good and frequent bus service on the island, with connections between the main resorts and towns, and the airports. 922/531300; www.titsa.com.

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