Garachico is one of the most idyllic and historic towns on the islands, and it's well worth a quick visit. It was the main port of Tenerife until May 5, 1706, when Mt. Teide blew its top, sending twin rivers of lava downhill—one filled Garachico's harbor, and the other wiped out about 90% of the town (hence Garachico's nickname: "Pompeii of the Canaries"). Though most of the buildings are faithful reconstructions from the 18th century, a handful of original structures survived including the Castillo de San Miguel, a tiny 16th-century fortress on the waterfront. Save for the odd art exhibition or cultural event, it's closed to the public. The restored Convento de San Francisco (open Monday–Saturday), was also unscathed, as was the 18th-century parish church of Santa Ana with its elaborate baroque altarpiece.

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