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Dundee makes an excellent base for exploring Fife and Angus at any time of year. The West End—especially its main thoroughfare Perth Road—pulses with life, with intimate cafés and excellent bars. The Dundee Contemporary Arts center has gained the city some attention. As you walk the cobbled streets, you may glimpse the 1888 Tay Rail Bridge, and if you head southwest you can reach Magdalen Green, where landscape artist James McIntosh Patrick (1907–98) found inspiration from the views and ever-changing skyscapes. The popular comic strips The Beano and The Dandy were first published here in the 1930s, so statues by the Scottish sculptors Antony and Susie Morrow depicting Desperate Dan, Dawg, and a catapult-wielding Minnie the Minx were erected in the City Square.


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