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Searching for a northeastern passage to India, British navigator Richard Chancellor came upon this impressive promontory in the Barents Sea in 1553. He named it North Cape, or Nordkapp. Europe's northernmost point is a rite of passage for nearly all Scandinavians, as well as many other adventurous types from around the world. Honningvåg's northerly location makes for long, dark winter nights and perpetually sun-filled summer days. The village serves as the gateway to Arctic exploration and the beautiful Nordkapp Plateau.

This region has an otherworldly landscape, at once rugged and delicate. You'll see an incredible treeless tundra with crumbling mountains and sparse vegetation. The subarctic environment is very vulnerable, so don't disturb the plants. Walk only on marked trails and don't remove stones, disturb the plants, or make campfires. Because the roads are closed in winter, the only access is from the tiny fishing village of Skarsvåg via Sno-Cat, a thump-and-bump ride that's as unforgettable as the desolate view.

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