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The Dutch dine early, and the majority of the city's kitchens close for the night at 10 pm. Some newer establishments stay open later, but not much. Many restaurants are closed on Monday—and often on Sunday, too. Lunch is usually served noon–2, but many restaurants in Amsterdam are open for dinner only.

With Kids

You won't find children eating in many restaurants except during earlier hours and on weekends—but that doesn't mean they're not welcome. The restaurants that are particularly good for families are called out as such.


Many Amsterdam restaurants are both popular and small; it's always a good idea to plan ahead and make reservations, especially Thursday to Saturday nights. In the listings we note only when reservations are essential or if they are not accepted.


A tax of 6% on food and 21% on alcohol is included in menu prices. Most diners throw in an extra euro or two on smaller bills and round up on larger bills so, for instance, a bill of €96.50 is bumped up to €100 with tip. Tips are usually left in cash.

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