In restaurants a service charge of 10%–15% may appear on your check, but it’s not a given that your server will receive this; consider leaving a tip of 5%–10% (in cash) for good service. At a hotel bar, tip €1 and up for a round or two of drinks. Taxi drivers also appreciate a euro or two, particularly if they help with luggage.

In hotels, give the portiere (concierge) about 10% of the bill for services or €2.50–€5 for help with dinner reservations and such. In moderately priced hotels, leave chambermaids about €1 per day, and tip a minimum of €1 for valet or room service. In expensive hotels, double these amounts. Sightseeing guides should receive €1.50 per person for a half-day group tour, more if the tour is longer and/or they're especially knowledgeable.

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