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Padua, Vicenza, and Verona are on the highway and train line between Venice and Milan. Seeing them without a car isn't a problem; in fact, having a car can complicate matters. The cities sometimes limit access, permitting only cars with plates ending in an even number on even days, odd on odd, or prohibiting cars altogether on weekends. The only place in which a car would be really useful is Aquileia, since public transportation there is somewhat limited, although still possible.

The A4, the primary route from Milan to Venice and Trieste, skirts Verona, Padua, and Udine along the way. Driving time, in normal traffic, from Venice to Padua is 30 minutes; Venice to Vicenza, 60 minutes, and to Verona 90 minutes. Heading east out of Venice, Aquileia is about 90 minutes, Udine about 90 minutes, and Trieste 120 minutes.

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