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Summer is filled with festivities and offers the best weather for sunning and swimming, bringing dense crowds and higher prices, especially during the middle two weeks of August, when Italians vacation en masse. But no time is perfect: although April and May are sublime, Italian students are then on break and can overrun major sites. Horror stories of torrid days and humongous crowds have driven even more people to travel here during May–June and September–October, and the region is packed to the gills with travelers during those months. Many hotels close November–March.

Sheltered by the Lattari Mountains arcing east to west across the peninsula and inland from the Amalfi Coast, and exposed to cool breezes from two bays, the Sorrentine Peninsula enjoys a climate that is among the mildest in Italy; the temperature rarely falls below 10°C (50°F) in winter, or climbs above 31°C (90°F) in summer. Rain is rare, although weeklong storms can strike.

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