Marina del Cantone

As the largest (pebble) beach on the Sorrentine Peninsula, Marina del Cantone attracts weekend sun worshippers and foodies drawn by the seaside restaurants here. To get to the beach, usually dotted with dozens of festive umbrellas, a slender road winds down to the sea through rolling vineyards and the small town of Nerano, ending at the Gulf of Positano near the Montalto watchtower. While enjoying Marina del Cantone's wonderful beach and laid-back village vibe, it also offers a front-row seat to the geological spectacle that is the islets of Li Galli, which seems to follow you around as you drive up and down the Amalfi Coast. Other than Positano, Marina del Cantone is the best place to hire a boat to get closer to these tiny islands—Gallo Lungo, Castelluccia, and La Rotonda—which sit on the horizon to the east of the beach. They're also called Isole delle Sirene (Isles of the Sirens), after the mythical girl group that lured unwitting sailors onto the rocks.

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