Thessaloniki is the primary entry point for train travel to Northern Greece. Of the six Athens–Thessaloniki trains that run per day, five are express (taking 5 hours 23 minutes). Make reservations in advance at Athens Larissis Station's (Stathmos Larissis) south office (far-left facing, not the main entrance ticket booths, which are for same-day tickets only), or in Thessaloniki. The fastest intercity train will set you back €55.40 for a class-A seat or €45.40 for class B, and it’s worth paying the difference for the extra comfort. Other express options begin at €35.10 for class A and €25.10 class B, and take 7 hours. Thessaloniki Station also has a left-luggage office (€2 for 8 hours, €3 for 24 hours) where you can store your bags before checking into or after checking out of your hotel.


OSE Thessaloniki Train Station. The Central Ticket Office is at Aristotelous 18 and Ermou in Kentro. Monastiriou 28, West Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, 54627. 14511;

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