Top Reasons to Go to Thessaloniki and Central Macedonia

Mount Olympus: Bask in a gods'-eye view from the top of Greece's highest peak, often covered in clouds and lighting as if to prove Zeus still holds sway. Ascend skyward thanks to numerous enchanting trails.

Thrilling Thessaloniki: In this great commercial hub, the Armani suits and €5 coffees are in contrast to the ruins of the ancient city walls, Byzantine monuments, and the spirited bartering of the city's bazaar.

Between heaven and earth: Lush Mt. Athos, pinpointed with monasteries, is Greece's most solemn precinct; off-limits to women, it is an exclusive Orthodox bastion as well.

Alexander the Great sites: The fabled ancient ruler made this region the crossroads of the ancient world. Walk in his footsteps in Pella (his birthplace) and Vergina (home to the royal tomb of his father, Philip II).

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