6 Hotels in London With Noteworthy Restaurants

Toby Orton | January 25, 2018

Anybody who tells you that London is no culinary city clearly needs educating as to the eclectic delights served up by its myriad creative restaurants. And where better to start than with the restaurants that feed its hotels? From classic French fine dining to informal mid-century bistros, trendy maximalist Gatsby-esque interiors to pared-back elegance, here are six of the best hotel restaurants.

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The Ritz

Why it made the list

Old world glamour and breathtaking beauty sets the Ritz restaurant apart from its luxury counterparts. Thanks to its frescoed ceiling, intricate cornicing and parade of chandeliers, there’s nowhere quite like it. Seasonal British classics are the theme of the Michelin-starred menu.

The world famous Ritz is a world of opulence, luxury and for Read More

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