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The Best Hotels in London for Incredible Views

Toby Orton | January 25, 2018

London is a city of many layers and the more you explore the more you’ll discover, but first things first, if you’re in town for a good time (not a long time) then make sure to see the sights, landmarks, and attractions that make the city world famous. For convenience, cut out the travel time by basing yourself near the best of what London has to offer from Tate modern to Buckingham Palace in the city’s prime sightseeing locations. Here are five of the best places to stay for sights and views.

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Trafalgar St. James

Why it made the list

Guests can wake to the sights of Trafalgar Square when staying at Trafalgar London, one of London’s most centrally located hotels. Within a stone’s throw of London’s most famous square (sorry Leicester Square) sights within a few minutes of the stylish hotel include the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery, as well as the towering Nelson’s Column.

Independent, creative and cool; the hotel has a superb locat Read More

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