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More than 20 carriers fly to the island. There are nonstop flights from Atlanta (Delta, seasonal), Charlotte (American), Miami (American), New York–JFK (American, Delta, JetBlue), New York–Newark (United), and Philadelphia (American). There are also some nonstop charter flights (including GWV/Apple Vacations from Boston). You can also connect in San Juan on Air Sunshine, JetBlue, or LIAT. Many smaller Caribbean-based airlines, including Air Caraïbes, Anguilla Air Services, Caribbean Airlines, Copa, Insel, LIAT, St. Barth Commuter, and Winair (Windward Islands Airways), offer service from other islands in the Caribbean.

Airline Contacts

Air Caraïbes. 0590/52–05–10;

Air Sunshine. Airport Rd., Simson Bay Lagoon, n/a St. Martin. 800/434–8900;

American Airlines. 721/545–2040; 800/433–7300;

Anguilla Air Services. Airport Rd., Simson Bay Lagoon, n/a St. Martin. 264/498–5922;

Caribbean Airlines. 721/546–7610;

Copa Airlines. Airport Rd., Simson Bay Lagoon, n/a St. Martin. 877/389–3606;

Delta Airlines. 721/546–7615;

Insel Air. 599/546–7621;

JetBlue. 721/546–7797;

LIAT. 721/546–7676;

St. Barth Commuter. 0590/87–80–73;

United Airlines. 721/546–7663;

Winair. 721/545–4237;


Aéroport de L'Espérance. This airport, on the French side, is small and handles only island-hoppers. Rte. de l'Espérance, Grand Case, n/a St. Martin, 97150. 0590/27–11–00;

Princess Juliana International Airport. This airport on the Dutch side handles all the large jets. 721/546–7542; 721/549–0200;

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