Cabrera, Abreu, Río San Juan, and the Playa Grande area are largely unspoiled and pristine coastal areas. There's a raw beauty, with some beaches that are still completely undeveloped, soaring cliffs overlooking pounding ocean waves, and towering inland hills with sweeping vistas not seen elsewhere on the North Coast. In addition, there are some of the most luxurious villa choices in the country, not to mention the island's first Aman resort in Playa Grande. The area's high-end vacation homes, which are far away from the action and the bustle of Sosúa and Cabarete, will appeal primarily to those who wish to avoid noise. The area in general attracts a more moneyed crowd—mostly baby boomers—who want an upscale experience, as well as couples or friends who want to share a house and enjoy the unspoiled beaches.

Cabrera itself is still a sleepy, dusty Dominican town centered on its central square, which is remarkably clean. Tourists mingle with townies in the park, and can stop for a drink at one of the adjacent restaurants, such as the thatched-roof Town Square Bar. More than 50 local and expat children now attend the International Academy here, soon to expand to a secondary school. Decades ago, the area was known for its ranchos and more recently for its beaches and the famous Playa Grande golf course (now available only to guests of the associated Amanera Resort and members of the club, than anything else.)

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