2 Best Bars in Cat Island, The Southern Out Islands

Regatta Beach Fish Fry

For an authentic Bahamian experience, don't miss the Regatta Beach Fish Fry on Regatta Beach, just south of the government buildings in the town center. On weekends, at least two fish shacks open late in the afternoon and stay lively into the night. It's a great place for sunset watching and mingling with locals.

The Hot Spot Restaurant & Karaoke Bar

Owners Ted and Melony (the latter is also the fabulous cook here) entertain locals and visitors with great Bahamian food and karaoke. It is known for the Bahamian touches, like sky juice, the 46-ounce Como Hill cocktail, and other drinks served in pea cans. Some claim Melony's food, served on palms and sea grape leaves, is the best they've had. Spurred on by tuneful locals and visitors pumping out a great selection of music, this place can rock until 3 am. If the music's too loud, you can dine and drink on the deck. This is the north's best nightlife spot.

Arthur's Town, Bahamas