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Air Tahiti flies about four times a day to Rangiroa, twice a day to Tikehau, and daily to Manihi and Fakarava. Two Air Tahiti passes cover the region but can only be used when staying for a month or longer: the Lagoon Pass and the Bora Bora/Tuamotu Pass. Air Archipels, a charter operator, flies to the Tuamotu.

The Aranui 3 calls regularly at Rangiroa and Fakarava, making 16 voyages a year from Pape'ete. Five ships—Cobia 3, Dory, Mareva Nui, Saint-Xavier Maris-Stella III, and T.M.I. Kura Ora III—make regular visits to various islands in the group at least once a month. Although working ships, they do carry between six and 12 passengers in basic accommodations (sometimes only on the deck) and are suited to those travelers who don't mind roughing it.

There's little need for a car but if you want motorized transport, there are car and scooter rentals on Rangiroa, and you can rent scooters and motorboats on Fakarava. All four islands have bicycle rentals.

There's is no public transport on the islands apart from the Taxi Boat on Rangiroa that takes people from Ohotu wharf to Tiputa. There is, however, one taxi in Rangiroa.

There are three banks in Rangiroa; there are no banks on Manihi, Tikehau, or Fakarava. The Banque Socredo branch in Avatoru has an ATM. The major resorts take credit cards as do some pensions, but it's wise to bring plenty of cash.

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