Surging brown rivers, dense green forests, and crystal-blue seas are Iriomote's essential draws, and there's a surprising amount of helpful infrastructure in place to help you get the most fun out of it all. Skilled guides and tour companies make it easy and safe to explore the wilds of this pocket of primordial wilderness, and a few extremely nice lodging options let you enjoy some refined relaxation while you do. You'll want at least two nights—preferably three or four—to get the most out of Iriomote's varied environs, depending on what you want to try. Returning even to two-horse Ishigaki after a few days' jungle trekking, sea-kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, or river cruising will feel like reemerging into civilization. The post office ATM may be working, but bring enough cash for your entire stay.


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