What to Shop For in Hong Kong

Calligraphy Supplies. Granted, becoming a master brush painter takes years. But calligraphy equipment makes a wonderful display, even if your brushwork doesn't. Boxed sets of bamboo-handled brushes, porcelain inkwells, and smooth ink stones start at about HK$200 at Yue Hwa.

Kitchen Souvenirs. Remind yourself of all those dim sum meals with souvenirs to dress up your dining room. You’ll find black-lacquer chopsticks and brocade place mats in street stalls all over town. Stanley Market has beautiful appliqué table linen. Department stores like Wing On sell cheap bamboo dim sum baskets—good for cooking or storage.

Kung-Fu Equipment. If you’re addicted to Jackie Chan action flicks, you’ll likely love Kung Fu Supplies Co. Stock up on everything from daggers to kempo gloves while you work on that drop kick.

Personalized Seals. Have your name engraved in Chinese, English, or both on traditional chops (seals). Made of wood, stone, or even jade, they're usually ornately carved, often with animals of the Chinese zodiac. Sets come with a tub of sticky red ink. Man Wa Lane in Sheung Wan is a great place to find them.

Silkware. Silk dressing gowns and basic cheongsams (silk dresses with Mandarin collars) are a bargain in markets and at Yue Hwa or Chinese Arts & Crafts. For more luxurious versions, try Shanghai Tang or Blanc de Chine, which also do men's Mao jackets. Get some brocade cushion covers for a matching bedroom.

Tea Accoutrement. Yixing teapots like those from homegrown brand Fook Ming Tong will melt even coffee-guzzlers' hearts. For the best brews head to the LockCha Tea Shop in Sheung Wan (it also hosts weekly tea classes). Standard leaves come in pretty tins at local supermarkets, and Yue Hwa has cheap porcelain tea sets.

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