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Aerial Photos of Hong Kong That Will Make You Want to Book a Plane Ticket

Photography from Hong Kong collective Bamboo Scenes shows the varied landscape of this cosmopolitan island.

Bamboo Scenes is an online collection of photography that celebrates the artistic power in Hong Kong and to makes creative work accessible to a broader audience. As Bamboo Scenes believes in giving back to its community, 10% of the art sale profits are donated to a local charity. 

Check out these 10 amazing photographs from Bamboo Scenes.

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Timmy Lo — Waves

WHERE: Sai Kung, Hong Kong

The contrast of the soft texture of the waves and the stone-cold wave breakers represents perseverance and determination.

Instagram: @timmy727

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Timmy Lo — H for Hope

WHERE: Tai Po, Hong Kong

This picture wants to convey that there is always hope in yourself, so you just have to believe in it.

Instagram: @timmy727

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Derry Ainsworth — City by the Sea

WHERE: Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Overlooking the district of Kennedy Town, this striking aerial image highlights the density of the urban environment near the harbor front.

Instagram: @derryainsworth

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Elaine Li — Crash Landing

WHERE: Whampoa, Hong Kong

A boat-shaped shopping mall, hidden in the urban jungle of Whampoa Garden.

Instagram: @lielaine

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Nukeproofsuit — Buildings on the Brain

WHERE: Mount High West, Hong Kong

A shipping container at sunset.

Instagram: @nukeproofsuit

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Stephanie Teng — A Slice of Surfaces

WHERE: Hong Kong

Where the sea meets the pavement in a city of contrasts.

Instagram: @stephinitely.tengy

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Sharon Liu — Bloody Mary

WHERE: Kowloon, Hong Kong

Catch one of the iconic red 90’s Toyota Crowns speeding down the street.

Instagram: @75yards

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Sharon Liu — Margarita

WHERE: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Join the crowds rushing through one of the busiest intersections of Hong Kong.

Instagram: @75yards

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Derry Ainsworth — Serenity

WHERE: Nan Lian Garden, Hong Kong 

A moment of peace and quiet amidst the chaos in the city.

Instagram: @derryainsworth

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Derry Aisnwrothy — Dragon Boats

WHERE: Stanley, Hong Kong (2017)

The famous Stanley International Dragon Boat races.

Instagram: @derryainsworth

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Sharon Liu — Jager

WHERE: Kowloon, Hong Kong

In the surreal skyline of Hong Kong, buildings are accentuated in the afternoon sun rays.

Instagram: @75yards

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