Near the large, modern Arab village of Kfar Kanna is the site of the ancient Jewish village of Cana, mentioned in the New Testament. Here Jesus performed his first miracle, turning water into wine at a wedding feast, thereby emerging from his "hidden years" to begin a three-year ministry in the Galilee.

Within the village, red signs lead to rival churches—one Roman Catholic, the other Greek Orthodox—that enshrine the scriptural tradition. (The alley to these churches is just wide enough for cars, and you can sometimes park in the courtyard of a souvenir store. If the street is blocked, park on the main road.)

The plaza of the Greek Orthodox St. George Convent is a peaceful spot. The First Miracle Church, on the grounds, is rarely open to visitors, but you can wander the landscape freely. On a lower plaza is a handsome statue of Jesus (surrounded, perhaps predictably, by souvenir shops).

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