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The easiest way to get to Sharm El-Sheikh from the Red Sea Coast is by ferry. Sharm El-Sheikh–Hurghada ferries operate daily with an alternating slow and fast ferry service. The trip takes two to three hours by fast ferry and six hours by slow ferry, depending on sea conditions, and costs are $50 per sector for fast ferries, $40 for slow ferries. Prices for foreign nationals are quoted (and payable) in U.S. dollars, but if you pay by credit card, you will be charged in the equivalent price in Egyptian pounds. Payment can be made directly in U.S. dollars. At this writing, fast ferries operate Monday, Thursday, and Saturday; slow ferries operate on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, although these timetables are subject to regular changes.


Red Sea Jet Company. 02/257–61798; 012/822–9877; 065/344–9481.

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