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Regularly scheduled EgyptAir flights connect Sharm El-Sheikh to Cairo (a bit over an hour), Alexandria, Luxor, and Hurghada. Hurghada also has regularly scheduled EgyptAir flights from Cairo (less than an hour), Alexandria, and Aswan. Both Sharm and Hurghada have frequent service from many different European destinations on low-cost European airlines as well as on EgyptAir; some of this service is seasonal. You can also fly to the privately operated Marsa Alam airport from Cairo (three times weekly) or from Europe, and to the airport at Taba once weekly from Cairo with EgyptAir Express or from Europe.

Hurghada International Airport is in the desert, 4 km (2½ miles) west of the Sheraton at the southern end of town. Most hotels offer airport transfers, but these will need to be prebooked; the taxi fare from the airport to the Sheraton Road, Sakalla, is around £E30. Marsa Alam Airport is 20 km (12 miles) north of Marsa Alam town and 2½ km (1 mile) west of Port Ghalib. Taxi fare into Marsa Alam town is approx £E100. In Sharm El-Sheikh, it's a £E55 fare into Na'ama Bay and a £E70 to £E80 taxi fare to downtown Sharm; however, if you are light on luggage you could take the public minibus service that costs £E2 one way to Na'ama Bay or downtown (though these don't drop you directly at your hotel).

Airline Contacts

EgyptAir. 02/2267–7101; 069/360–3710; 02/2267–7010; 069/366–1058; 065/364–3034; 065/364–3034; 0900/7000;

Airport Contacts

Hurghada International Airport. Sheraton Rd., 4 km [2½ mi] west of the Sheraton, Hurghada, Red Sea. 065/446–772;

Marsa Alam Airport. Marsa Alam, Red Sea. 065/370–0021; 065/370–0021;

Sharm El-Sheikh Airport. Airport Rd., Sharm el Sheikh, South Sinai. 069/360–1140;

Taba International Airport. Airport Rd., Taba, South Sinai. 68/500–432;

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