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The 5 Best Airports to Sleep In

Catch some Zs before you catch your flight.

Whether it’s a long layover, a flight delay or a cancellation, it’s never very fun to be stuck in an airport for a long time. If you are anticipating a lengthy itinerary or end up stranded somewhere, it’s always good to know what options exist for you to get a little shut-eye. Thanks to our friends at Sleeping in Airports, here are five of the best airports for catching a nap during your long layover or delay.

Singapore Changi International (SIN)

Consistently the favorite, Singapore Changi International Airport is an excellent place to be stranded. Not only is Changi a convenient place to nap, but it also features several gardens and relaxation areas to wind you down and relax you before you go to sleep. In fact, Changi is about to up its game with a new experience called Jewel. Opening in the middle of this year, Jewel will feature an indoor labyrinth, rain vortex, topiary walk, flower garden, bouncing net and canopy garden among other installations.

Snooze LoungeSam’s Studio /

When you’re ready to take a rest, head airside and enjoy access to lots of comfortable chairs, benches, and sofas. For a quieter and longer rest, head to the Snooze Lounge in your terminal. Snooze Lounges are available in T1, T2, T3, and T4 and they are free to use. Check out the Sleeping in Airports report on Changi for more info.

Seoul Incheon International (ICN)

Next in line for airport comfort is Seoul Incheon International Airport. Featuring a similar vibe to Changi, Seoul Incheon has several walk-through gardens and indoor parks that offer tranquil areas to relax. You can even take in a movie at the onsite cinema, or complete athletic challenges at the Digital Gym to wear yourself out.

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Then, head to the many Relax Zones or Nap Zones in order to stretch out and get some rest. Relax zones feature slightly-reclined chairs where you can sit and relax, and Nap Zones feature reclined sofas where you can be a bit more horizontal for a comfortable sleep. For more information, check the Sleeping in Airports report on Seoul Incheon.

Tallinn International (TLL)

With significantly less passenger movement than Changi and Seoul Incheon, Tallinn is still an incredibly convenient and comfortable airport for a long layover or delay. Located in the Estonian capital, Tallinn is the country’s busiest airport and features plenty of spaces for families as well as solo travelers looking for a rest. Tallinn has an indoor playground for younger travelers to play and wind down, and there is a children’s book section in the airport library for budding readers or those in need of a bedtime story. Adults are welcome to use the library as well; simply choose a book and relax in a comfortable chair.

While Tallinn does not have a designated sleep zone, there are tons of different seating choices and free sleep pods located throughout the airport. Snag a sleep pod, bench, or bean bag and enjoy a comfortable rest during your stay. For details, scroll through the Sleeping in Airports page about Tallinn.

Vancouver International (YVR)

Located on Canada’s west coast, Vancouver International Airport is an open-concept, relaxing place to be stranded. The airport decor features calming blues and greens as well as the designs of indigenous people native to and living in the territory of the airport. Even though Vancouver does not have any designated sleeping areas, it does have a designated Quiet Area. This new spot in the International Terminal has comfortable chairs and places to elevate your feet to encourage good blood circulation between flights. If you can’t make it down to the Quiet Area, the regular seating in the airport is generally sleeper-friendly. Check out a few photos in the Sleeping in Airports report on Vancouver.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)

Kuala Lumpur International Airport is a huge, bustling complex of two different buildings, KLIA and KLIA2. KLIA2 features a multi-story mall with tons of restaurants and shops, and it is easily accessible from KLIA via an express railway system. If you have time to kill at the airport, you could certainly spend it wandering around the KLIA2 mall and food court; but if you would like to catch some shut-eye, there is a Rest N Go in KLIA across from the Air Asia check-in desk. Note that this is pre-security, so it only works if you clear the border or are departing from KUL.

Otherwise, check out the Samsung movie lounge in KLIA2 where you may find access to a comfortable sofa and a bit of darkness. Note that folks generally like to congregate in the KLIA2 food court after the restaurants shut down for the night, so if you would like camaraderie (or not) then keep that in mind. For a few more tips on how to find secluded sleeping spots in KUL, consult the Sleeping in Airports report on Kuala Lumpur.

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