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Travel Must-Haves You’ll Regret Leaving Behind

Don’t risk leaving home without these travel essentials that make life easy in the air and on the road.

The scout’s motto “be prepared” also happens to be the perfect mantra for adventurous travelers. If you love travel—and who doesn’t?—it is wise to keep a travel kit at home, packed, and ready to go at all times. Whether you’re off by train, plane, or automobile, you’ll be sorry if you forget these essentials.

A Clear Cosmetic Case

A clear cosmetic case can help ease the pain of airport security, especially when it’s packed with containers that hold less than 100 milliliters of liquid. Once onboard, your travel favorites will be easy to find with a quick glance and remain easy to keep track of on the road.

Bite Toothpaste Bits

Bite Toothpaste Bits

Bite bits water-free format makes them the ideal travel buddy–light in your bag, a breeze when going through security, and guaranteed to never, ever leak under air pressure, saving you from having to clean up a mess in your bag. Throw in a toothbrush, and you’re ready to smile.

Silk Eye Mask

Even economy class travelers deserve luxury. A silk eye mask soothes away the stress of travel and makes it possible to get some much-needed rest on a long trip. If jet lag has you craving an afternoon nap upon arrival, you’ll be good to go.

Moldex Earplugs

Studies show that reducing the noise of in-flight travel decreases travel fatigue and jet lag. Moldex reusable ear plugs provide up to 33 dB noise protection, are easy to pack, and hang seamlessly around your neck when it’s time to listen. Once you’ve arrived at your desination, they are also the perfect defense against thin hotel walls and/or noisy neighbors.

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USB Phone Charger

If hotel and roadside gift shops are any indication, the USB phone charger has become a basic we can’t live without, but often forget to pack. You won’t regret giving it a permanent place in your travel kit.


The stress of travel, in-flight dehydration, uncomfortable seats, and dealing with awkward luggage are all triggers for aches and pains. Keep a few tablets of ibuprofen in your travel kit to ease the pain, but remember to put in refills as you go, so as to never run out.


There’s a reason they put sudoku puzzles in the back of in-flight magazines. Whether you’re a doodler or love crosswords, pens help while away the time and become even more useful when the flight crew passes out immigration forms for international travel.


Hand and Face Moisturizers

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate (with all that moving around, it’s easy to forget to drink). Ski trips and sun-drenched holidays make it even more challenging to keep from getting too dry. Hand and face moisturizers (especially ones that are travel-sized) are an easy fix to make travel more comfortable on your skin.

Prescription Medications

This is traveling 101, yet, somehow, unknown to many. Never  check prescription medication under the plane where it may be lost. Keep all medications and contact lenses with you in your travel kit. Keep written prescriptions from your doctor to get liquids through security and for emergency refills to ensure carefree travel once you’ve landed.

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