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This Hotel Just Teamed Up With a Bunch of Instagrammers to Launch a Fashion Line

And it's not bad!

Here’s a weird idea that you’ll only hear in 2017: Let’s have some people who are web-famous and a quirky hotel brand design a clothing line together. Why? We don’t know, but we’re ok with it.

Hotel Indigo teamed up with some of Instagram’s most followed nobodies to create a one-of-a-kind clothing line tailored to seven cities across the U.S. In partnership with ASOS, Hotel Indigo’s clothing line reflects the soul and style of the city.

El Paso
El Paso
 El Paso Style ASOS®

Here’s the complete list of partnerships:

Los Angeles
1. Los Angeles 2. NYC  ASOS®

Would I wear these clothes? I wouldn’t not wear these clothes, and some of the items are downright stylish (although I work in travel, not fashion, so who cares what I think?). Shop the collection here.

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