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These Stylish Men’s Hoodies Are an In-Flight Game Changer

The hoodie is a crucial wardrobe item when traveling.

Hoodies have come a long way since the days of your high school track and field team, and if you’re hitting the road in any form or fashion, you’d be better off bringing one with you. They’ve evolved into wardrobe staples you can wear under blazers, with shorts—however you feel like styling it! And nothing keeps your head warm and says “leave me alone” on a flight better than a hoodie pulled up tight over your head.

Here are a few of Fodor’s favorite hoodies for men.

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Stripe Half-Zip Pullover Hoodie

You graduated from college, so now it’s time to graduate from that junky college Baja hoodie. This upscale version, the Stripe Half-Zip Pullover Hoodie by Vince, is more subdued, softer, and superior in every way to that one you’ve been hanging on to. Let it go. It’s time.

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ASOS Oversized Hoodie

Every time you think tie-dye is dead, it seems to resurface from the, well, dead. Good thing you don’t have to be a Deadhead to rock this oversized hoodie from ASOS. You can even buy the matching shorts if you like to coordinate your outfits!

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Champion Premium Reverse Weave

This Champion hoodie is another comeback kid. You can never go wrong with one of their snuggly fleece hoodies and they named this pink color “Elegant Mauve,” so that you can feel fancy while wearing a Champion hoodie.

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JW Anderson Cotton Fleece

If in-flight air-conditioning is getting to be too much to bear, the JW Anderson Fleece Hoodie with Snap Throat Latch has you literally covered. In one quick motion, seal the Velcro tabs on the throat protector, and watch the Arctic blasts try their best to bother you (only to fail). The kangaroo pocket keeps your fingers toasty and your cell phone close at hand.

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Remi Relief’s 'Hiker' Hoodie

If you don’t already have the yen to go exploring, the hiker graphic on this impossibly soft Japanese-made sweatshirt by Remi Relief will spark you to set off for parts unknown. Take note, the hiker on the front has crampons on his feet and a skateboard tied to his pack; he’s clearly ready for anything and, with this hoodie, you will be too!

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Prabal Gurung’s Zip-Front

You’re not afraid to rock a few bold stripes, are you? This Tiger-Striped Cotton French Terry Hoodie from Prabal Gurung allows you to simultaneously unleash your inner ’80s hair band singer and establish a chic travel aesthetic.

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Gallery Department’s Paint Splatter Cotton Hoodie

This luxe, hand-detailed Paint-Splatter Cotton Hoodie by Gallery Department is probably not for you if you like “inexpensive hoodies.” However, if you enjoy spending money, we recommend spending money on this hoodie. In that case, put it in your shopping cart and hit “purchase.”

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Vince’s Wool Cashmere Pullover

Wool AND cashmere? Yes, please. This softer-than-soft Pullover Hoodie by Vince will have you drifting off before the plane even leaves the gate.

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Polo’s Camo Double-Knit Hoodie

A travel hoodie that commemorates the first-ever winter expedition of Mount McKinley in 1967 is just what an outdoor enthusiast needs. The Camo Double-Knit Hoodie by Ralph Lauren will have you looking stylish as you summit the mountain, hanging out at Oktoberfest, or trudging to the subway in the snow.

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The Hurley Blocked Pullover

Just when you thought hoodie design had been optimized for peak coziness, Nike comes out with a scuba hood design. No draft, no ocean winds (not even the open ocean, apparently) will penetrate this drawstring Colorblocked Half-Zip Hoodie.

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