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The Craziest, Most Outrageous and Extreme Celebrity Vacations

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and live vicariously through these outrageous getaways.

After going through your camera roll and looking through old memories of far-off towns every day for the past year, you might be needing something new to reignite the traveler in you. While our own vacation’s past are a great way to remember why we love getting out into the world, other’s vacations, from lavish to outlandish, are what get us inspired.

We’re looking at the most exciting, sometimes crazy, vacations of the rich and famous to get you about your next getaway.

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The Kardashians in Tahiti

This 2020 Tahitian vacation was impossible to forget (or ignore) because every one of us at home spent that week of lockdown staring at an inundation of the family’s vacay pictures. This was the vacation of “multiple health screenings” and an “inner circle private island.” While all Kardashian vacations are lavish to an extreme, this one was all-the-more envy-worthy because they skirted the rules—what we’ve all dreamed of doing but not had the luxury (or immorality) to do in practice. While this trip was a terrible example of what to do during COVID-19, it was a great example of how to take an incredible vacation: find somewhere tropical, get your group together, and give no regard for how much other people want you to stop posting vacation pics.

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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas in the Maldives

To celebrate their wedding, the two headed south to Kunfunadhoo Island in the Maldives. Their honeymoon was something that, nearly two years later, I still haven’t been able to stop thinking about. There was the bridge through the jungle, the hammock atop the ocean, oh, and the slide that took them from their private quarters straight into the crystal-clear waters below. This vacation, outrageous amenities and all, can be yours at the Soneva Fushi Luxury Beach Resort. If you’re looking to splurge post-COVID, this might just be the spot to start.

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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom in Italy

Some celebrity vacations are outrageous because of the cost, destination, and seemingly overwhelming number of excursions. Others are simply…outrageous. When Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom took to Sardinia in 2016, they made headlines not for a mansion or yacht trip but for an R-rated paddleboard trip (no, we’re not linking!). Despite having others in close-enough proximity to snap a pic, these two remained cool as cucumbers, soaking in the Italian sun. While we might not follow Bloom’s vacation guide to a T, we will be looking to inherit his laid-back, can’t-be-bothered energy for our next trip.

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z in Paris

They rented the Louvre. What else is there to say? When visiting the famous Paris museum while on a vacation in 2014, the two snapped a picture in front of the Mona Lisa that quickly went viral. Four years later the two returned to the world-famous art museum, but this time there were no guests obscuring their view of the art or hopping in on their photo-op. Instead, the couple rented out the entire institute to film a video for their single Apes–t. While the empty museum and iconic looks are what I dream of my Parisian vacation looking like—roaming the empty halls of the Louvre, the art all to myself—a crowded selfie in front of the Mona Lisa a la 2014 Beyoncé and Jay Z will have to do.

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Thailand

There’s never a time when vacationing with six young ones is cheap, but even with troves of kids, their friends, and babysitters, most of us have never incurred a nightly rate of $18,000. When the former it-couple headed to Thailand with their family for a quick vacation, that nightly cost wasn’t the only sticker-shock—it was rumored the couple spent upwards of $137,000 during their week-long visit. The family’s stay was at the The Amanpuri Resort in Phuket where their villa came complete with 10 rooms (because apparently, they’ve never heard of squeezing a few kids onto the pull-out couch), a private gym, and a pool with a stunning view (duh!). This would be the perfect COVID-getaway—plenty of space to do your own thing and soak in the Thailand sun—if you’re willing to dip into (and probably drain) your life savings. We don’t want to know what 2015’s $18,000-room is priced at now.

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Drake in Barbados

For the rich and famous, there’s never anything between them and their next vacation, not even a pandemic. In June of 2020, Drake headed to Barbados with friends where they did everything from grabbing fast food at Chefette to—totally on-par with a drive-thru meal—renting a massive yacht. While the entire trip was a series of one envy-worthy photo after the next, what really stuck with everyone at home was the plane Drake was photographed departing in. “If you’re reading this we left,” reads the bottom of sky-blue Air Drake, a Boeing 767 the rapper transformed into his own private jet. Sure, you could rent a private jet for a quick weekend jaunt, but don’t you know everyone who’s anyone is buying and flipping cargo planes?