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The Best At-Home Workouts for Every Budget

No gym, no problem!

With winter upon us and COVID no better, it’s time to reconsider (again) how we work out. While running and yoga in the park got us through the summer, winter is a different beast to tackle. No longer can we do our 5k training outdoors nor can we meet in parking lots for a quick bootcamp workout from our favorite instructor.

With many gyms closed and the outdoors far from hospitable, we’re forced to get our quick calorie burns in at home—but at-home workouts don’t have to be drab. In fact, you might find your makeshift home gym is your preferred way to sweat.

To help you make the transition from outdoor group fitness classes to apartment-friendly burnouts, we’re rounding up the best at-home workouts available online at every price point. Grab your yoga mat and queue up your power jams, we’re turning our living room into our dream studio.

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For those who want variety, POPSUGAR Fitness has just about everything you might need, or could possibly conceive. Bringing in your favorite trainers from across the U.S., this YouTube series gives you a chance to enjoy an otherwise pricey workout at home and for free. For many gym members, the draw was the plethora of group fitness classes to choose from on any given day—this channel pretty successfully fills that spot. Whether you’re looking for a barre class, cardio kickboxing, HIIT training, or just a nice meditation to end a hectic day, POPSUGAR will have you covered. With hundreds of workouts to choose from, this channel alone could get you through the cold, gym-less winter.

Cost: Free

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Join Cassey Ho, founder and host of Blogilates, for weekly workouts designed to make you sweat and build muscle through classic pilates techniques. While your home might not have the pilates reformer your gym membership gave you, these online workouts are perfect for continuing to build that lean muscle and core strength while we wait for studios to reopen. Cassey’s workouts range from traditional pilates classes to cardio pilates to pop-twists, with workouts based around your favorite Top 40 hits. For those who have been wanting to give pilates a try but felt either intimidated by the machines or were deterred by the costs, this is the perfect time and place to give this muscle-building trend a try.

Cost: Free

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Heather Robertson

If your typical workout always started with a stint on the treadmill before jumping into your favorite strength training, Heather Robertson’s 12-week workout plan will be perfect for you. With intense cardio HIIT workouts that will leave you dripping in sweat, you might realize you can make do without a treadmill a little longer than you thought. Most videos in her 12-week program clock in at around 30-minutes. For many (me) this length is ideal—it’s by no means easy but it does not leave you on the floor. But, if you’re a true fitness junky who needs a little extra oomf, feel free to partner videos as you (and your body) see fit. Start with cardio, move onto strength training, and (always) end with her full-body stretch.

Cost: Free

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For those looking to invest, there’s the Peloton subscription, which gives you access to live rides with real instructors, as well as a plethora of on-demand classes that allow you to work out on your time. While this will never be what a packed Soul Cycle class is, it comes pretty close. You’ll have instructors yelling at you, music that makes hills not as bad, and the chance to not only track your performance but share it with others. The downside: A Peloton bike is required (and not cheap). But if you look at the money you’ll be saving on a paused gym membership as well as the longevity you’ll get out of this quality bike, it might (depending on your budget) be totally worth it.

Cost: $1,895 for the bike, delivery, and 12-month subscription

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Jake Dupree

This barre-bootcamp instructor has somewhat of a cult following, teaching fully-booked classes throughout L.A.’s Equinoxes and appearing on POPSUGAR’s channel frequently (the people ask and they deliver!). For those missing their Jake Dupree classes–which are as beloved for their difficulty and results as they are his personality—he started his own Patreon channel that home-exercisers can subscribe to. Here, depending on subscription status, you’ll have access to weekly workout videos and a monthly burlesque-style choreographed dance class, a nice change-up from the standard home workouts.

Cost: Subscriptions range from $10 to $25 a month.

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The Class

It’s hard to describe what exactly The Class is—is it meditation, strength training, cardio? Melding together what’s good for the mind and the body, The Class has quickly risen to popularity—chances are you’ve seen your favorite celebrity talking about their “life-changing” experience. While this favorite was once only available to New Yorkers and L.A. residents, everyone can now access live classes and on-demand videos through a monthly subscription. With classes nearly every hour of the day, it’s hard to not find one to fit your schedule. With their 14-day free trial, you can give this trendy class a go before committing.

Cost: $40 a month

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Once just a favorite amongst L.A. celebrities, LEKFIT is now available to everyone everywhere. This fitness class has won over the hearts of everyone from Busy Phillips to Emmy Rossum, and now, you! This class works by alternating between low-impact moves to high-intensity cardio, aiming to burn fat and tone. While it’s no walk in the park, the high energy of the trainers keeps you motivated and moving, and the variety makes the workout far from bland.

Cost: $24.99 a month

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Tracy Anderson Method

If you’ve ever wondered how Tracee Ellis Ross stays so fit, the answer is the Tracy Anderson Method. Like The Class and LEKFIT, Tracy Anderson’s program has quite the following—those who have tried it love it, swear by it, and tend to do nothing else. This method gets your heart rate up through dance cardio, and tones with weighted moves and muscle-killing repetitions. While Tracy Anderson has studios across the U.S., you can now do that class you know and love from the comfort of your home with live and on-demand classes. While the subscription is not cheap, it has a cult-following for a reason.

Cost: $90 a month