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Ghosts Haunt These 13 Historic Hotels

That is some really good housecreeping!

From castles in Ireland to cowboy inns in New Mexico, there are plenty of haunted hotels around the world where you can be haunted by a resident ghost.

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St. James Hotel

WHERE: Cimarron, New Mexico

Cimarron’s St. James Hotel boasts a slew of ghosts, including one referred to as “The Imp.” There is even a cowboy ghost, named Thomas James Wright, who died in room #18 and has since been spotted creeping around corners and appearing in mirrors. As for the Imp? Well, he’s apparently a tiny man with a pockmarked face who likes to pull pranks on the hotel employees—and sometimes the guests.

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Hotel Monteleone

WHERE: New Orleans, Louisiana

Hotel Monteleone has been part of New Orleans’ French Quarter since 1886, and ghost sightings have taken place ever since. The hotel claims to be home to more than a dozen spirits, including a young boy named Maurice who is often seen near the room where he died. These ghosts mess around with the hotel’s functions, so don’t be too nervous when the elevator stops on the wrong floor or you feel a wash of cold air coming down the halls.

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Heceta Head Lighthouse B&B

WHERE: Yachats, Oregon

Rumor has it that the grounds of Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast are haunted by a child named Rue and her mother, known as “The Gray Lady.” Visitors who stay in one of the six rooms report seeing apparitions and notice that the lights sometimes turn themselves on and off. It’s not a deterrent for the luxurious B&B, which offers a daily seven-course breakfast. The innkeepers feel it gives the hotel a historical touch.

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Ballygally Castle

WHERE: Ballygally, Ireland

Those who visit Ballygally Castle, a 17th century castle overlooking the Irish Sea, may encounter the ghost of Lady Isabella Shaw. Lady Isabella was the wife of Lord James Shaw, who built the castle nearly 400 years ago, and according to the hotel, she’s a very friendly apparition. Ballygally is so proud to host their own spirit that they’ve even created room for her, dubbed “The Ghost Room,” where you can stay at your own risk.

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The Mermaid Inn

WHERE: Rye, England

The cellars of The Mermaid Inn date back to 1156, so it’s no wonder that the rustic property claims at least five ghosts. The hotel is said to have been the base of a notorious group of smugglers and previously burned down and was rebuilt, meaning that spirits may have lingered over the years. Guests have reported seeing figures moving in some of the 31 rooms. According to the hotel, some have been amused and some have refused to return to the hotel ever again.

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Hotel Del Coronado

WHERE: Coronado, California

Hotel del Coronado is famous for being the location of the film Some Like It Hot, but the hotel is also iconic for its resident ghost Kate Morgan. Kate, who arrived at the hotel on Thanksgiving Day in 1892, took her own life there at age 24. Ever since, guests have noticed mysterious goings-on in her third floor room, including flickering lights, strange noises, and unexplained gusts of wind. She’s even been spotted in the gift shop, where she apparently tosses items off the shelves.

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Mercure Southampton Centre Dolphin Hotel

WHERE: Southhampton, England

Dating back to 1454, the Mercure Southampton Centre Dolphin Hotel has not one, but six resident ghosts. One of these, named Molly, reportedly wanders the hallways with her legs stuck below floor level, which should suitably creep out even the biggest lovers of the supernatural. Be sure to watch out for her when returning to your room late at night.

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Mercure Perth Hotel

WHERE: Perth, Scotland

Scotland’s Mercure Perth Hotel is built into a 15th century watermill, where spirits of days past apparently still linger. Ghosts have been spotted walking down the stairs towards the reception area. Although there’s not one specific resident ghost, the hotel is known for its haunted energy and has attracted paranormal researchers, who attribute its supernatural dealings to the watery location.

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The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa

WHERE: Denver, Colorado

You don’t have to be a guest to encounter The Brown Palace Hotel’s ghosts. The Denver property offers guided historical tours, where visitors can learn about its 125 years of ghostly happenings. There have been several unexplained occurrences over the years, including hotel employees who vanish into thin air (which may be why your second drink never arrived to the table).

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The Eldridge Hotel

WHERE: Lawrence, Kansas

Colonel Eldridge roams the floors of The Eldridge Hotel, a historic property established back in 1925. He favors room 506, which travelers should keep in mind when booking. The hotel’s supernatural tale was even featured on A&E’s Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story, which revealed many unexplained instances over the years, including air conditioners turning on and off.

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Olde Harbor Inn

WHERE: Savannah, Georgia

The smell of smoke billowing through Olde Harbor Inn might belong to Hank, a worker who may have died in a fire in the building. There’s no real historic evidence of anyone losing their life in the hotel, but Hank is beloved for haunting the rooms. He seems mostly friendly, rummaging around in visitors’ belongings and, of course, smoking cigars.

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The Omni Grove Park Inn

WHERE: Asheville, North Carolina

The Omni Grove Park Inn calls their resident ghost “sad but gentle.” The spirit, dubbed “The Pink Lady” because she fell to her death while clad in a pink gown in the 1920s, is frequently spotted by guests despite the fact that paranormal research hasn’t found any evidence of her. Visitors report feeling cold, seeing lights turn on and off, and glimpsing moving pink whirls of smoke. She may only be a story, but she’s certainly a fashionable one.

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Nottingham Road Hotel

WHERE: Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

Charlotte spends her afterlife in the Nottingham Road Hotel, hanging around Room 10, rearranging objects and even cleaning up after guests. Legend has it that the ghost was either a prostitute or a chambermaid who either threw herself off a balcony or was pushed to her death. Don’t expect her to tidy up your room, but you may be pleasantly surprised to find the bed pulled together when you’re out.

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