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9 Totally Adorable Things to Do on a Goat Farm

From goat yoga to making goat cheese, this farm animal is getting love from coast to coast.

Not able to live on a farm right now but still yearn for the farm lifestyle (cute animals, gardens, and barns)? Mingling with goats can get you that farm high and, thanks to ingenious attractions, fold in yet another activity, like a ballet performance, Swedish breakfast, or tutorial in making beauty products out of goat milk. From a goat-yoga class in the Phoenix area to petting goats at an urban farm in Austin, Texas, here’s where to go for goats across the U.S.

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Farm to Ballet Project

WHERE: Vermont

Swapping out elegant theaters for a more rustic vibe, Farm to Ballet Project puts classical-ballet dancers right in the pasture with animals, including goats. During this summer’s performance season, shows hosted at Vermont goat farms include Shelburne Farms in Shelburne and Retreat Farm in Battleboro.

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Arizona Goat Yoga

WHERE: Gilbert, Arizona

Imagine a goat walking on your back during Downward Dog for the perfect massage. Classes at Welcome Home—a ranch that’s a 30-minute drive from Phoenix—often sell out at 100 people. Lest you think each class is the same, it’s not: for Shark Week the goats dressed up with fins and there are occasional “Sunset Goat Yoga” classes.

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Al Johnson's

WHERE: Sister Bay, Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s version of Cape Cod—the Door County peninsula between Lake Michigan and Green Bay—is rooted in Swedish culture and that includes goats on the grassy roof at Al Johnson’s. Say “hi” to the “kids” then walk inside for pancakes topped with lingonberries.

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Nashville Zoo

WHERE: Nashville, Tennessee

Think zoo entertainment is only about caged animals? Through Nashville Zoo’s “Critter Encounters” program, reach out a hand and brush any members of the goat herd roaming around you. You’ll feel like a kid again.

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Stone Mountain Park

WHERE: Stone Mountain, Georgia

This is so much better than the circus. At this Atlanta-area adventure park 20 miles from Atlanta, goats prance and dance in the Farmyard area. For those interested in animal behavior, questions to the goat whisperers are more than welcome.

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The Goat Farm

WHERE: Santa Rosa, California

This family-owned goat farm in Sonoma County makes its own line of paraben-free soap and lotion using milk from its goat herd. Learn to make your own—and, let’s be honest, play with the goats, too—through either group or private lessons at the farm. Check the website for dates.

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Greenlands Farm

WHERE: Bolivia, North Carolina

In a tiny town of under 150 people, 20 miles south of Wilmington, this family-owned organic farm hosts guided tours that coach would-be farmers in managing a homestead. This includes learning to milk a goat (how else would you get chevre?).

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City Farm

WHERE: Austin, Texas

What’s great about this opportunity is that you don’t have to leave the city. You can even arrive at this small-scale farm on a bicycle or in an Uber. Tour this rare urban farm—in Texas’ capital city—on daily farm tours.

INSIDER TIPMini-LaMancha goat feedings are at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.; you’ll want to be there for this.

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Lucky Goat Family Farm

WHERE: Big Sur, California

California’s Central coastline is already stunning, but if you throw in a few goats, man does it make a blissful vacay. Thinking of buying some goats for your hobby farm? Or just want to hang with these furry kids while helping with chores? Book a night here, on the farm, and help the owners care for the goats from sun-up to sun-down.

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