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13 Items From Hotel Gift Shops That Make Great Holiday Gifts

They don’t call it a gift shop for nothing.

The best hotels have you feeling like you’d rather stay on the property than go out and explore your destination. And since we haven’t been able to go out and travel this year, why not give the gift that lets the recipient have a little bit of the hotel experience at home. From novelty pillows to luxe dog beds, here are some unique gifts for the hotel aficionado on your shopping list.

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Hemingway Cocktail Glasses

WHERE: The Ritz Paris

Legend has it, that Ernest Hemingway, a devoted regular at the Ritz’s bar, celebrated the liberation of Paris by drinking 51 dry martinis in a row. We recommend keeping things to a sensible one or two for the evening, but these cocktail glasses make for the perfect gift for your friend who’s missing Paris as much as they’re missing bars in a broader, more general sense.

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Stanley Hotel Key Ring

WHERE: The Stanley Hotel

For the friend that loves a subtle pop culture reference, hook them up with this keychain from the Stanley Hotel, which famously served as the inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining. With this trusty keychain keeping your various keys in check, you’ll be able to make sure the horrors of your own personal room 237 are locked away.

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W Bangkok Pillow

WHERE: The W Bangkok

No one wants to be the person who acquires a bunch of fusty decorative pillows you just knock off the bed as soon as you can. But who doesn’t want to be the person who has a couple of kickass sequin pillows in the shape of boxing gloves that say “LIGHTS” and “OUT” on the knuckles? These make the perfect gift for the budding maximalist in your life.

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WHERE: The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

A hotel can have all the amenities in the world but if the atmosphere is lacking, it’s just never going to feel like true luxury. And few things can enhance a space as instantly as a high-quality candle. The Four Seasons has several scented candles that don’t just smell wonderful, they’re specifically meant to evoke certain destinations. Where do you want to be when you close your eyes? An enchanted garden? Enjoying a glass of bubbly against the backdrop of a nighttime cityscape? These candles will make it possible.

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"Asleep at the Chateau" by Jork Weismann

WHERE: The Chateau Marmont

Ah, sleep. Is there anything better than laying your head down and being guided into dreamland? Well, yes, all of that but it’s happening at the Chateau Marmont. This book contains a number of photographs taken by Jork Weismann depicting a range of subjects and celebrities reclining in chairs, stretched out on couches, and just about any other spot where one can lay down and catch some serious z’s in the famous Los Angeles hotel.

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Smooth as a Duck’s Butt Body Scrub

WHERE: The Peabody Memphis

The Peabody is, of course, famous for its resident ducks that enjoy a ceremonial processional in the morning and recessional in the evening between their “Duck Palace” and the fountain in the lobby. And if being a pampered little duck sounds like the life for you (or someone you know), you can get a little closer with the hotel’s Smooth as a Duck’s Butt Body Scrub. This scrub is great for exfoliating your skin and revealing the not-so-ugly duckling underneath all that dead skin.





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Throw Blanket or Wrap

WHERE: La Fonda on the Plaza, Santa Fe

With a history stretching back 400 years, La Fonda on the Plaza is a quintessential Santa Fe hotel. To feel like you’re there, all you need is this throw that can be used as a blanket, transforming your living or bedroom into a relaxing yet stylish suite. Or, you can take your southwest getaway vibes on the go and use it as a wrap.

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Children’s Polo Kit

WHERE: The St. Regis Hotels

What do you get the child that’s already mastered croquet and various other lawn sports? Prepare them for the fancy sporting big leagues with this Children’s Polo Kit. No live horses included, of course. But the little ones can pick up these hobby horses, mallets, and polo balls and try their hand at this miniaturized version of this sport. Before you know it, they’ll be talking about where they’re summering and how their stock portfolios are doing.

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Bath and Body Set

WHERE: Westin Hotels

There’s always something delightful about taking a shower in a hotel and being greeted with beautiful, signature toiletries. You can replicate that experience at home with Westin’s set of toiletries, which include shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash, and leaf-shaped bars of soap that will transform any bathroom into a luxurious experience. White tea is the key touchpoint for this set that just won’t leave you squeaky clean but relaxed as well.

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ANDA Gua Sha Set

WHERE: Fairmont Hotels

There’s nothing wrong with slathering on a bunch of fancy serums and moisturizing creams. But sometimes you need a little something extra to get the blood flowing in the exact right way. Give a high-end spa experience that can be had at home with the ANDA Gua Sha Set from Fairmont. These boards make it so that your face massage leaves the skin luminous and firm.

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Traveler’s Leather Notebook

WHERE: The Ace Hotel

Every Ace Hotel is perfectly calibrated to be as cool an experience as possible. Modern designs, in-room acoustic guitars, art by local artists. So it stands to reason that their gift shop would be equally well-curated. This beautiful leather-bound notebook is the perfect accessory for anyone seeking to be more reflective or creative when they hit the road.

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His and Her Pajama Set

WHERE: Emporium Hotels South Bank

OK, sure, there’s nothing inherently wrong with an old t-shirt and some threadbare sweatpants serving as your nighttime uniform. But there’s so much more right with snuggling in a good pair of pajamas. This complementary but not too matchy-matchy set of pajamas from Brisbane, Australia’s Emporium Hotel makes for a great gift for couples attached at the hip. Or, maybe you’re one half of said couple and you’re looking for something to give that’s also a present for you.

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The Beverly Hills Hotel Dog Bed

WHERE: The Beverly Hills Hotel

For the traveler who’s never without their loyal companion (even if that means telling a few fibs about Spot being an emotional support dog), this luxurious dog bed from the Beverly Hills Hotel makes for the perfect gift. Your or your human recipient’s dog will feel like they’re having a world-class hotel experience that’s good enough for a human.