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10 Trippy Treehouses That Will Have You Screaming ‘Feed Me Like a Baby Bird’

Sleep in a bird’s nest, airplane, or even a UFO in these offbeat treehouses that will have you going back to nature in a whole new way.

Maybe it’s a throwback to our childhoods, or the closeness to nature we feel. For whatever reason, we love treehouses. But why stay in a traditional one when you can transport your treehouse stay into something, well, otherworldly? Sleep in a geodesic dome, a bird’s nest, a converted 727, and even a UFO. Or one that doesn’t even have walls–if you dare.

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Playa Viva

WHERE: Carretera Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Nothing comes between you and the ocean view in this treehouse at a yoga retreat north of Acapulco. What’s better than a treehouse perched among the palm trees on the beach? This cylindrical-shaped abode made of bamboo has a king bed and an open seating space. Lounge on pillows on the in-floor hammock for a view of the trees below.

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Pedras Salgadas Spa & Nature Park

WHERE: Vila Real, Portugal

Architect Luis Rebelo de Andrade took the challenge to design two state-of-the-art treehouses that blend into the environment and could fulfill “the imaginary image of treehouses” at this nature park in Portugal.

He designed treehouses using slate and wood that blend into their wooded surroundings. Each has a kitchenette, bathroom, and sofa. Guests snooze in a double bed with a window above them to enjoy a view of the stars in the sky, while a window in the front opens to a view of the forest.

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Free Spirit Spheres

WHERE: Vancouver Island, Canada

Gently sway in the trees while you sleep in one of three spheres at this treehouse resort, which inventor and craftsman Tom Chudleigh compared to “being in a nutshell decorated like a palace.” These giant wood spheres are nestled in the trees in a coastal rainforest on Vancouver Island.

They range in diameter from 9-10.5 feet and are named Eva (1 single bed), Eryn (double bed and a single) and Melody (sleeps two in a fold-up murphy bed). Melody’s fiberglass exterior is wrapped with the music to Beethoven’s Ninth and Ode to Joy. Tom makes the rope stairs and constructs and hangs the spheres himself.

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Arctic Treehouse Hotel

WHERE: Arctic Circle, Finland

Built into a wooded hillside, this resort has 32 treehouse suites, many with the comforts of an upscale hotel room, including bathrooms, kitchenettes, minibars, fridges, and flat screen TVs. But the best amenity is in much more limited supply – all rooms are designed for guests to have a view of the aurora borealis when skies are clear.

INSIDER TIPThe rooms are heated and beds come with mock furs for extra warmth during the coldest times of the year.

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WHERE: Harads, Sweden

The Mirrorcube treehouse practically disappears into its surroundings as its mirrored glass exterior reflects back the surrounding trees and the sky. It’s made of an aluminum framework constructed around a tree, giving it the illusion of floating above the forest ground. The interior is finished with light-colored plywood and includes a bath, living area, and double bed with 360-degree views.

A bonus is the rooftop terrace, perfect for relaxing and being one with nature. Mirrorcube is part of Treehotel, which includes seven treehouses with contemporary designs.

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WHERE: Harads, Sweden

No one in your neighborhood had anything like this when you were growing up. This treehouse, one of seven in the Treehotel, looks like a giant UFO got stuck in the trees on its way down to Earth. And yes, you enter it just like in all those alien-abduction movies–through a drop-down ladder you’ll be tempted to scramble up quickly before The UFO blasts off.

The interior sleeps five (on star-dotted bedding) with a double bed and three singles. Peek out at earthlings below through round porthole windows.

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The Bird’s Nest

WHERE: Harads, Sweden

On the other end of the spectrum from its neighbor, the UFO, which appears to be created by aliens, the Bird’s Nest looks like it was made the old-fashioned way–stick by stick by birds. Well, perhaps giant birds, as this nest sleeps four in its light-colored wood paneled interior with two bedrooms, bathroom, and living area. Small windows allow in light, but are hidden among the branches from the exterior. Like a baby bird, you may need to be pushed out of the nest when it’s time to leave.

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TreePODS in Treetop Haven

WHERE: Prince Edward Island, Canada

Bask in the warmth of your own hot tub when you stay in one of the five geodesic domes at Treetop Haven, each named for a local bird on Prince Edward Island. Located on 50 acres of woods, these TreePODS have one or two bedrooms, wood-paneled interiors, and a wraparound deck. One side of the dome is clear for views of the surrounding woods.

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Bangkok Tree House

WHERE: Bangkok, Thailand

Not for the faint of heart, or those seeking privacy, the Room with a View Treehouse consists of two open-air platforms 23 feet in the air. There are no walls and no ceiling so nothing comes between you and the stars.

Constructed of bamboo, one platform has a table and chairs, while one has the bed romantically (and practically–for bugs!) draped in netting. It’s located in an area known as the Green Lung of Bangkok, in a bend in the Chao Phraya River and accessible by ferry.

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Costa Verde 727 Fuselage

WHERE: Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica

You are now free to move about the cabin. You can lie down on your bed, and even sit in the pilot’s seat in your home for the night when you stay in the 727 Fuselage nestled on a 50-foot pedestal in the jungle on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.

The converted 1965 Boeing 727 made its final landing in the jungle in the Costa Verde Resort and now welcomes guests to a two-bedroom suite with a teak-paneled kitchenette and dining area, TV room with rocking chairs, and two covered balconies over the wings. It may be the first time you’ve ever comfortably slept on a plane.

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