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10 Beauty Products You Should Never Travel Without

From the perfect lipstick to a miniature mascara, these products will help you look your best no matter where you are.

Looking great when you travel can be a difficult task. Changing humidity and temperatures plus long flights and time zone changes can wreak havoc on your beauty routine. While it’s tempting to just give up makeup altogether when you’re traveling, this list of beauty essentials will ensure that you have just enough makeup for a night out, a formal meeting, or a casual day at the beach.

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An SPF That Improves Your Complexion

Sunscreen is arguably the most important beauty product to travel with. It’s one of those things that should always be in your bag and something you should never cheap out on. This tinted SPF 46 from Elta MD is a super-strong sunscreen that won’t leave you looking like you’ve just smeared on white face paint. Just make sure not to wear it in the ocean—unfortunately, this is not a reef-friendly sunscreen, so it should only be worn in non-beach locales.

INSIDER TIPThe sunscreen only comes in one olive-y shade, so it’s best to try this in person to see if it works with your skin tone before forking over the cash.


PHOTO: Olio e Osso
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A Versatile Blush

Is it a blush? Is it a lip gloss? It’s both! This natural lip gloss from olio e osso can be dabbed on the cheekbones for a bright and dewy on-the-go blush. While the color may seem a bit too intense for a casual makeup look, keep in mind that it’s a sheer product, so it’s actually quite subtle.

PHOTO: Shiseido
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Oil-Blotting Sheets

Greasy is never a good look for anyone. Compact and lightweight, these oil-blotting sheets from Shiseido will mop up unnecessary shine so you’re not just another sweaty tourist.

PHOTO: Benefit
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Mini Mascara

If you think about it, mascara is one of those things that takes up way more space than it needs to. Why is that wand so long? Has anybody ever used a full tube of mascara before it went dry and crusty? Benefit’s “Yes, They’re Real” mascara comes in a tiny tube that’s perfect for travel. This mini mascara is no different from its bigger, more expensive counterpart, but it’s pretty powerful. Use one brush for a no-makeup daytime look, or layer it on for a glam night out.

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Liquid Pencil Eye Liner

Just like mascara, most eyeliner comes in an unnecessarily large format. Who has ever used an eyeliner pencil right down to the nub? This velvet pencil eyeliner from NARS is packable and easy to use, making it possible to attempt a cat eye even when you’re traveling.

PHOTO: Glossier
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A Brow Brush

We can all agree that eyebrows have a certain way of making a face look good. If your eyebrows need a little extra oomph to look their best, make sure to pack Glossier’s Boy Brow, a 3-in-1 eyebrow brush that fills, fluffs, and shapes.

PHOTO: Omeletzz/Shutterstock
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An On-the-Go Concealer

You never know how your skin is going to react to new climates, so it’s always a good idea to plan for breakouts. Sephora’s Bright Future gel serum concealer comes in dozens of shades perfect for covering up both blemishes and under-eye bags. The liquid concealer comes with a wand, so there’s no need to pack a brush or any other applicators.

PHOTO: Sugar
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A Colorful Lip Protector

A lot of people tend to forget that your lips need sunscreen too. If you’re planning a day in the sun during your travels, make sure to pack a lip balm with sunscreen. Sugar tinted lip balms by Fresh offer SPF 15 protection with a hint of sheer color.

PHOTO: Chanel
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A Bold Lipstain

Red lipstick can turn any outfit from 0 to 100 in seconds. Wearing jeans and sneakers? Put on some red lipstick and you’re instantly dressed up enough for any restaurant in New York City. Red lipstick can make messy hair and tired eyes look intentional, and it’s an simple way to transform your look from casual to dressy. With a lip stain instead of a traditional lipstick, you don’t have to keep reapplying. Chanel’s Rouge Allure Ink comes in 13 different shades and is perfectly compact for travel.

PHOTO: Kapuluan Coconut
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Coconut Oil

From taming frizzy hair to moisturizing skin and removing makeup, coconut oil is one helluva product. With its hundreds of uses, coconut oil always comes in handy. Kapuluan’s coconut oil comes in a (TSA-approved) squeeze tube, so it’s easy to use whether the coconut oil is solid (colder temperatures) or liquid (warmer temperatures).

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