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#NotBadNews: These Nuns Have a New Habit

From NHL’s most chaotic mascot to Hilton’s release of their famous cookie recipe, these are the things that made us smile today.

Welcome to #NotBadNews, our new (and hopefully short-lived) daily column where we round up the good, surprising, and weird things that have happened around the world during this coronavirus pandemic.

The Women in Science Getting Stuff Done

Afghanistan, like many other countries around the world, is struggling to care for all the patients coming down with coronavirus as hospitals become overcrowded. To meet the demand for ventilators, this all-girls robotic team has started producing their own using old car parts.

This team of women has shown incredible ingenuity and acted in a time when few others have. Elon Musk who?

A Veteran Walks for NHS

This 99-year-old veteran had one goal to raise $1,250 for NHS before his 100th birthday. His plan: walk 100 laps around his back-yard.

When Tom Moore began his walk, his goal felt somewhat lofty but possible, suddenly it became much more than just doable. After his family posted the fundraiser to various social media platforms, Moore’s charity-walk started to gain a lot of traction, so much so that the website crashed. Now, only a few weeks away from his 100th birthday, Moore has raised over $9 million for NHS, Britain’s publicly funded health-care system. Talk about an incredible birthday gift!

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TikTok’s Hottest New Star

Though she might be a little older than most TikTok favorites, Judy Dench has showed she’s got what it takes to become an icon on the app. For a bit of family bonding, the actress joined her grandson remotely, showing she’s still got the moves.

Let’s be honest, she nailed it. Sorry to her grandson, but a star is a star.

A Much-Needed Dance Party

One woman, joined by her son, has been driving by her parents’ house to make sure the couple has everything they might need. On this day, it seemed all they really needed was a little bit of fun. Cue the music.

I think we can all take a note from them—sometimes amid quarantine, what we need might just be a little fun!

Our Favorite Mascot Has a New Skill

Whether or not you follow the NHL, you probably know who Gritty is–but in case you don’t, Gritty is the Philadelphia Flyer’s giant furry orange mascot with googly eyes. It’s unclear exactly what Gritty is, but the sheer mystery and chaos of it all makes him incredibly charismatic!

Trading in a puck for a ping pong ball, Gritty showed us his new skill acquired in quarantine. Setting up pots and pans, he expertly lands the ball in the bucket every time.

While a challenge wasn’t directly stated or implied, we would like to see other mascots give this a try. Will Gritty reign supreme?

A Cookie Recipe to Make Your Home Feel Like a Hotel

DoubleTree by Hilton has released their famous chocolate-chip cookie recipe, so take a break from sourdough for something a bit sweeter (and 100 times easier). The cookie recipe is a little more in-depth than most, especially if you’re used to a break-and-bake, but is there anything better than a warm and welcoming cookie? So raid your pantry and break out your apron, this weekend we’re baking!

The Nuns Channeling Lebron

Introducing the church’s newest team! With everything closed, these nuns in Sevilla, Spain took to the basketball courts.

Forget the celebrity game, we want to see these women go head-to-head with the NBA greats.

Check-in every day for an update on the wonderful and weird things happening in our current coronavirus world.