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#NotBadNews: The Queen Gives You a Birthday Present

In today’s #NotBadNews, we look at the Dutch invention allowing for nursing home visits, the pet who still hasn’t wrapped their head around “work from home,” and our favorite drink presented by an actor-turned-bartender.

Welcome to #NotBadNews, our new (and hopefully short-lived) daily column where we round up the good, surprising, and weird things that have happened around the world during this coronavirus pandemic.

Honoring the Holocaust Survivors

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, this police squad went to their local retirement home that houses Holocaust survivors to show love and support. Since the home is closed to outside visitors to prevent the introduction of COVID-19, this team lined on the lawn, saluting those inside.

Cops saluting a retirement home occupied by Holocaust survivors on Holocaust remembrance day. from r/pics

A Drink With Your Favorite Star

With Hollywood on pause, this actor has found a temporary-new gig: bartending. Stanley Tucci took to social media to show us he’s multi-faceted—we all knew he could act (The Devil Wears Prada, The Hunger Games, etc.), but did you know he could also whip up a strong drink? If you’re looking for a post-work cocktail that offers more than just a little buzz, follow along as Tucci shows us how to make his very boozy signature concoction.

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Cheers, Tucci!

Oh Yes, Another Video to Make You Cry

It’s not a real week of #NotBadNews unless we give you a video sure to make you shed a tear. This week, it’s all about the best gift a grandpa could ask for.

When one of the caretakers at his home noticed that Ken had been sleeping with a photo of his wife every night, she got an idea—why not take that photo and put it on a pillow? So, she did just that, and his reaction can melt just about any heart.

What made you cry more–how much this caretaker cares or how thrilled Ken was with this gift? Let’s be honest, I was crying at the caption alone.

A Birthday Treat Fit for a Royal

Today is Queen Elizabeth’s 94th birthday. While many of us might expect to receive gifts on that day, her highness is instead delivering us one by releasing the Royal Pastry Chefs’ cupcake recipe. It’s a little more in-depth than your standard box of cake-mix and potentially requires more than what your cabinets have in stock, but if you’re ready to buckle down and commit to this baking project, you will not be disappointed. We’d be remiss to pass up the Queen’s favorite recipe, so say it with me–I’ll have what she’s having.


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Happy birthday Queen Elizabeth, and thank you for this delectable treat!

Not Sure This Pet Understands Working From Home

Despite his owner being home every day all day for the past month, this cat continues to wait the front door for him daily at 5 p.m. It seems the idea of working from home hasn’t quite stuck with this guy.

My husband has been working from home since March 27 but Marty still waits for him at the front door at 5pm every day from r/aww

This cat-owner might just need to sneak out the back door so he can open the front at five. While it might not help Marty’s confusion, it’s sure to make his day!

The Invention Helping Grandparents Stay Connected

This is not necessarily a new invention–instead, an old one being repurposed. A Dutch company, Flexotels, was in the process of making portable cabins perfect for music festivals when their clients had to pull out, leaving them with sets of unrented cabins. That was when it hit them—their product would be the perfect thing to allow nursing home residents to visit their families.

Setting up these cabins outside of nursing homes, Flexotels inserted a glass wall down the middle to ensure that no viruses were being spread during these visits.

This company has given families the chance to reunite and see each other through more than just a screen amidst a virus that was keeping them apart.

Check-in every day for an update on the wonderful and weird things happening in our current coronavirus world.