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#NotBadNews: In Case You Need a Reminder

It’s another week of #NotBadNews. Today we found out how New Yorkers enjoy a sunny-day and came across the great American Hedgehog Warrior.

Welcome to #NotBadNews, our new (and hopefully short-lived) daily column where we round up the good, surprising, and weird things that have happened around the world during this coronavirus pandemic.

Healthcare Workers Take a Stand

These Colorado healthcare workers took their message to the streets. When lights turned red, they filled in crosswalks to remind those driving why a lockdown was in place.

These workers take no breaks when it comes to ensuring your safety. With them risking everything for us, let’s make sure we’re doing everything in our power to help them.

This Beach Made Room for More Cute Animals

With beaches in Thailand shut down, the animals that inhabit them have been more active than ever—introducing the newest batch of baby sea turtles! Scientists in the area say that the beaches are seeing more hatchlings than they have in the past two decades.

New York’s Hottest Club Is “The Roof”

This place has got it all: space to run, places to sit, the perfect spot for kite flying, and no risk of contamination! It appears that throughout NYC, every resident has found the roof to be the best place to do their thing without risking running into others.

Why picnic in the park when you can just take a short walk upstairs for a meal with the best views in town?

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The Hedgehog Who Won Gold

If you’re not familiar with Ninja Warrior, it’s a show in which contestants take on a giant obstacle course, and it’s not for just anyone–you need to be athletic, agile, and willing to push your body to its limits! And out of the crowd of viewers, one hedgehog rose up to say, “I can do that.” Competing in the first-ever American Hedgehog Warrior, we watch as this small guy takes on a course designed to trip him up.

Can he make it? Will he succeed? We are rooting him on as he climbs his way to Hedgehog Mount Midoriyama!

The Newest Take on Water Aerobics

Monterey, California is home to more than our favorite big little liars, it is also home to our favorite (and newest) dancing group. The workers at Monterey Bay Aquarium took a break from exhibit maintenance to practice their newest routine.

If this is their audition for the aquarium’s open show time-slot, give it to them! We are ready to buy our tickets.

Amsterdam Serves Us a Lesson and a Laugh

With protests throughout the United States last week focused on reopening the country, a server in Amsterdam took a moment to show people what re-opening now might look like. This hilarious video shows us what your restaurant experience could be like if reopened in the next week.

Only ask for a refill if you’re looking for a full-body cool-down.

The Taxi Driver Saving Lives

Those experiencing COVID-19 symptoms need a way to get to the doctor to receive treatment, and for some, that is more difficult than for others. For those without a car, few options remained until this taxi driver began offering his services. Not only is he giving rides to and from the hospital, he is doing it all for free.

After getting a call from the hospital for a pick-up, this driver arrived to a surprise thank you.

The team gathered to say thank you with a gift in one hand and a negative COVID-19 result in the other. Talk about good karma.

Check-in every day for an update on the wonderful and weird things happening in our current coronavirus world.