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Breathe Better in This Plant-Covered Hotel in Paris

A very green hotel and hostel will open on the bank of the river Seine.

An eco-luxury hotel in Paris’ Rive Gauche neighborhood is in the works. Designed by Japanese-based firm Kengo Kuma & Associates, the plant-covered lodgings will add much-needed lush greenery to the urban Avenue de France.

The project, which is called 1hotel, will include both a 140-room/23-suite 4-star hotel, and a 44-room/179-bed youth hostel. The project is slated to be complete by 2022.

 Kengo Kuma

The exterior of the innovative and sustainable structure will be composed of overlapping wooden blocks arranged vertically so that plants can grow between them; renderings of the complex show copious foliage all across the building’s facade. Blending with its locale, the balconies on the street-facing side will be modeled after traditional Parisian balconies.

The complex will also feature swimming pool, a number of large terraces, a bar/co-working space, and an expansive garden at the center.

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