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‘Diamonds and Circles’ Installation Decorates London Tube Stop

The stop at Tottenham Court Road gets a minimalist pop-art upgrade.

Conceptual French artist Daniel Buren has transformed a regular London Underground station at the intersection of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road into a work of installation art meant to captures busy commuters attention en route.

“A public work is interesting for me because you can develop the place, the people who use the space, and connections between all of these things. Museums attract only a portion of the population,” said the artist.

Art on the Underground; Shutterstock

As the name suggests, brightly colored Diamonds and Circles overlay monochromatic stripes of black and white, a signature feature of the artist’s. The size and scope of the work is intended to inspire consideration of pace and path in our everyday shuffle.

The artist and his work. David Parry PA Wire

“The public in the tube station is everyone, and there is a constant flux of people running both ways. I want to offer them a beautiful bubble of oxygen for the spirit.”

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