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Walt Disney World
Show Map Photo: Kent Phillips/© Disney

Walt Disney World Buzzy

The Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland doubles in size and adds captivating new attractions bound to delight adults and kids alike

Why Go Now In 2013, two phases (The Enchanted Forest and Storybook Circus) of Fantasyland's expansion—the largest ever for the Magic Kingdom—will be complete. With astonishing attention to detail, such as the 12,000 prop books in the library at Enchanted Tales with Belle, or the 115 windows in the Beast's Castle, the Disney designers have outdone themselves to bring you deep inside the worlds of the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Dumbo. Exploring it all could add a full day to your Magic Kingdom visit. –by Eric Wechter

Where to StayWith attractions best suited for younger kids, up to 11 years old, we recommend choosing a family lodge near Magic Kingdom. For a festive, Fiji-island atmosphere, Disney's Polynesian Resort is a fun choice for a lively stay. Families seeking more serene accommodations will appreciate the classic American West theme of Disney's Wilderness Lodge.

Insider TipFamilies returning to Walt Disney World to see Fantasyland can look forward to yet another new adventure: the Family Magic Tour. Kids ages 4–10 solve a mystery by following clues throughout the park.

Word of Mouth "Go to the back of the park [Magic Kingdom] first and ride the rides there and work backwards," says Fodorite bennnie. "Most of the crowd will just do the park from front to back. Also, if you can handle it, ride the big roller coasters early in the morning. Many will wait until their breakfast settles before attempting."

When to Go Each season has pros and cons with respect to crowd levels and weather. Spring, except around spring break and Easter, has manageable crowds. Summer is the most popular time to go, but crowds are heavy. Fall has fewer crowds, and the weather is at its best—average highs in the 70s and less rain than other seasons. In fact, if you can get away between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you'll get the best of all worlds—and the magic of the holiday season.

Plan Your Trip Start planning using Fodor's Orlando Travel Guide.

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