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Founded in 1976, Uniworld Boutique River Cruises is a California-based company offering luxury European river cruises. Operating 13 ships in Europe, Uniworld offers itineraries from 7 to 30 days on the Rhône, Mosel, Danube, Seine, and Saône rivers, as well as in the Netherlands and Belgium. Uniworld is the only North American river-cruise company to tour Portugal and Spain on the Douro River, from Lisbon to Porto. Its 128-passenger Douro Spirit was added in 2011. By 2012, awards showered down with the introductioin of the opulent SS Antoinette, where 18th-century French design meets 21st-century technology, including electronic balcony windows, Wi-Fi, underwater music, a movie theater, and heated swimming pool. Spending over $100 million in five new ships, Uniworld commissioned partner Red Carnation Hotels to provide passengers a five-star experience. Expect sumptuous bedding and decor in first-class rooms that make you feel like royalty. Joining in 2013, the 118-passenger Queen Isabel will also sail Douro routes. Expect equally regal appointments.Read More

On Russia’s Volga, Svir, and Neva rivers, the 206-passenger River Victoria cruises between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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Money is no object. Uniworld’s luxury river cruises are priced on the higher end although fares are all-inclusive, including excursions.
You enjoy wine and fine dining. Uniworld is the only river cruise to be recognized as “Top in Dining” in the industry and reader polls; epicurean and oenophile adventure cruises offer tastings, culinary demonstrations, and on-site visits to markets and suppliers.
Eclectic interior design appeals to your aesthetic tastes. Every ship has a unique combination of styles and use of colors, fabrics, and textures.
You have limited mobility. Ships do not have handicapped or wheelchair-accessible cabins. While there are elevators on five vessels (Princess, Queen, Empress, Duchess, Countess), the elevator on River Queen does not reach all decks.
You’re a party animal. These ships are not traditional party boats with Vegas-style showmanship. Expect intimate, low-key entertainment like small music trios and cocktail parties.
You’re an Internet addict. Wi-Fi service is available in the lounge and library, but service is inconsistent and inconvenient with an overloaded network and two-hour log-in limit.

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