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Royal Caribbean International: Enchantment of the Seas

Enchantment of the Seas Review

Introduced in 1997, Enchantment of the Seas received upgrades in 2012 that have proven popular throughout the fleet such as an outdoor movie screen poolside, digital signage, pervasive Wi-Fi, lounges for elite past passengers, and a new nursery.

In 2005 Enchantment of the Seas (originally a Vision-class ship identical to Grandeur of the Seas) was the third Royal Caribbean ship to be lengthened to increase her capacity and facilities. After she was cut in half, a new, 73-foot middle section containing 151 staterooms and suspension bridges that span the pool area and overhang the sea were added. Not only was the pool area expanded by almost 50%, but four bungee trampolines were installed—for real thrills you can soar high above the bow while safely tethered to the trampoline.

For a buzz of a different sort, a pool bar juts out over the water where peekaboo windows set into the deck afford views of the sea below. Nearby floor-mounted water jets create a splash deck for children that transforms into a lighted fountain after dark. Recreational facilities and the spa were also expanded during the renovation. Not to be overlooked, interiors now include the South Beach–style Bolero's lounge as well as a coffee and ice cream bar, a steak house, and an enlarged Windjammer Café.

Big, bigger, biggest! In the early 1990s, Royal Caribbean launched Sovereign-class ships, the first of the modern megacruise liners, which continue to be the all-around favorite of passengers who enjoy traditional cruising ambience with a touch of daring and whimsy. Plunging into the 21st century, each ship in the current fleet carries more passengers than the entire Royal Caribbean fleet of the 1970s, and has amenities—such as new surfing pools—that were unheard of in the past.

All Royal Caribbean ships are topped by the company's signature Viking Crown Lounge, a place to watch the seascape by day and dance at night. Expansive multideck atriums and promenades, as well as the generous use of brass and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, give each vessel a sense of spaciousness and style. The action is nonstop in casinos and dance clubs after dark, while daytime hours are filled with poolside games and traditional cruise activities. Port talks tend to lean heavily on shopping recommendations and the sale of shore excursions.

What You Should Know


  • Transformation of an underutilized lounge into Bolero's Latin nightclub was a brilliant move
  • The glass canopy over the solarium can be opened or closed as the weather dictates
  • Bungee trampolines offer some serious fun for thrill seekers


  • When the ship is full, public areas can suffer overload
  • The tranquil library suffers from an underabundance of books
  • The poolside Island Bar is only steps away from the kids-oriented splash deck
Ship Stats
  • Crew Members 860
  • Entered Service 1997
  • Gross Tons 81,500
  • Length 989 Feet
  • Number of Cabins 1,126
  • Passenger Capacity 2,252 (2,730 max)
  • Width 106 feet
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Feb 1, 2017


I booked with RC Enchantment of the Seas and purchased the Paradise Package (only option for having the ceremony on a beach). Not only did the package come with NOTHING for the over priced cost, I had to pay additional costs for other small things that should have been included. Below are some of the issues I had to deal with for the wedding I regret doing with RC. - During the planning processes with royal weddings I had to go through 3 different

event planners because I was told that the first two had left the company. I had to constantly call and email to get a reply back as to what was going on. It wasn't until A FEW DAYS before my wedding that we finalized the ceremony/reception for the wedding which was VERY STRESSFUL and FRUSTRATING. - On the wedding day we had to walk a long distance until we finally got to our car to get transported to the ceremony location. They did not warn me of this as it was very difficult walking the distance in my wedding gown and would have worn more comfortable shoes had I known. - We never received a wedding photographer that was part of the package. - Laptop was not provided as listed in our wedding confirmation. - The ipod dock used at the ceremony was old and not compatible with our phones (was told we could bring ANY apple ipod/phone to play music) so we didn't even end up using it even though we paid for it!! - Sound system to play ipod was NOT WORKING (event planner had to bring in small portable speaker to play music and was not loud enough to hear music - Event planner played the WRONG ceremony music!! - Arch was set up in an area really CLOSE TO PUBLIC GARBAGE can and was VERY visually DISPLEASING!!! - Event planner was not aware of when guests were arriving when I had instructed her to let me know when they were about to arrive which resulted in me having to race back into the car but guests had already arrived in the parking lot by then and saw me. - Event planner was not informative as to how the order of the wedding was going to go and everything was rushed and very chaotic!! - Food for the reception was terrible and cold. There wasn't enough food to serve 38 guests which left some guests not being able to have a main. Since we paid additional for the gold buffet package, we would expect there to be enough food and to be better than the main dining/windjammer but it was very very disappointing. - I was unaware and very disappointed to find out the day before that the reception area would not be arranged to have tables and chairs set up and that the lounge arrangement would remain as a lounge layout! When I had a phone call appointment with the event planner, i was told that the table arrangements would be made with the event planner on cruise but nothing was done. If I had known all of this I would have NOT done my once in a lifetime wedding with Royal Caribbean. I would NOT recommend ANYONE to do their wedding or go to this cruise based on my first time experience with them. Since it was my very first cruise experience I would think that because I have nothing to compare to that it would be good but I regret doing my wedding with Royal Caribbean completely. The whole experience was unorganized, disappointing and a huge embarrassment.

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Jul 23, 2015


As a Gold member with RCCL we are very loyal and choose them whenever possible. Until this cruise, we have never experienced the deception and poor quality from this cruise line. The food was also sub par. Bland flavors, including rubbery eggs in the morning, burgers and chicken during lunch, and steak or seafood at dinner. When you asked for something extra, for example, anchovies on a Caesar Salad, you always had to ask again when it

arrived to the table. Our cruise began upon opening the door to our stateroom and seeing a padded support pole 3" from the foot of our bed. This was never revealed in the expansive information on the RCCL website, in multiple communications with RCCL CSRs, or my travel agent. I immediately called Guest Services on-board the ship to complain. I was told I had to wait until after the ship leaves port to determine if any other suites were available. To make a long story short, a supervisor insisted there were no other rooms available. I find that hard to believe that EVERY suite or higher was occupied. (editors note: Royal Caribbean ships typically do sail with all suites occupied). He offered a measly 30% standard discount of a future cruise with a one year expiration. Total BS coming from what I assumed was the best of the mass cruise lines. However, Royal is no longer the "royal" of cruise lines in my estimation. On two occasions I stubbed my toe in the middle of the night walking into the support pole. I now have a black & blue toe. The website indicated there were 2 shows a night. It turns out there was only one show per night and then a lame family event. Stay away from state room 8062 In addition to the pole issue, the overall look and feel of this refurbished ship was also disappointing. Paint over bubbling rust spots inside and out, state rooms that were just dull looking, mis-matched balcony furniture, and years worth of dust accumulated in the light fixtures. Apparently this is acceptable to RCCL as they just responded to my complaint and stated they would not compensate me any more than the measly 30% discount. I will no longer choose RCCL for any future cruises. Thank you RCCL for helping me make this decision.

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Jul 19, 2015


Being self employed and not wanting to miss a lot of work days, Royal Caribbean's 3 night cruise out of Port Canaveral on the Enchantment of the Seas is perfect for me. My wife and I have taken this cruise three times, twice on the Enchantment and #4 is coming Oct. 2015. Yes the boat is not as modern or as large as the newer ones but for the price, I basically have no complaints. We have always booked on and gotten great prices,

on-board credits and 1x even free paid gratuities. The food in the Windjammer is a step above a "golden corral" but we have always been very pleased with the formal sit down dining. If you haven't done the sit down need Windjammer for breakfast unless you simply want to pig out. The Park Cafe also has lighter/healthier choices. Service has always been excellent. Personally, I think the boat is just the right size. I have talked with others who have sailed on the "big boats" and they didn't really feel like they were on a ship...lots of fun things to do but felt more like a trip to the mall...including longer waits at the elevators and crowded pool areas. Enchantment has three pools and six hot tubs...that's as much as boats with a much larger passenger capacity. The staterooms have always been clean, no "septic smells" AC worked fine and the bed was adequate. Remember, a Disney cruise will cost you double the price. We love the fact that this cruise stops at Coco Cay for a day...worth the whole trip. Pull up a lounge chair on deck five and watch the sunset and listen to the ocean; take a seat in the rear of the Spotlight lounge and enjoy the view and the show. In summary, it's a 4 star cruise, Disney is a 5 star but Enchantment is a great value, accommodating schedule, always great service, good food, clean and comfortable. Would recommend it highly and will probably cruise it again...also, Port Canaveral is easy to get to and the embarkation has always gone smoothly.

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Jul 9, 2015


This was not a good experience. We traveled with a large group, but my family consists of 5. four of which had never cruised before. We will definitely not go on this boat again. I am not sure I would do Royal Caribbean again. I would not recommend this boat to anyone. It was not clean, nor updated. The windjammer is basically a cafeteria, with decent food. We tried not to eat there to much. The highlight of our cruise was our server, he was

amazing best service I have had from a waiter. The food in the main dining room was good. Our room was disgusting. Mold in the bathroom, paint chipping. Sheets and blankets stained. The room smelled of mildew. We could not shower and could barely sleep. We were told the ship was sold out. We did get new sheets, but they were stained as well. Unfortunately the room set the whole cruise to a bad start. There were not many family friendly activities going on. We didn't sign up for excursions, thinking that might have helped. We were hoping there would be things to enjoy on the boat. The pool is so small that there was no room to go in. There was a comic show that was good and a love game, that was funny. That was about it for entertainment though that we enjoyed. We loved the Coco Cay Island. It was beautiful. The staff was fun and the beach was great.

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Feb 16, 2015


First and last cruise It was a joke, We could not get anything hot and the buffet was disgraceful. A lot of items were not replenished , so what you see whilst getting a salad was not there when you went back up, especially the desserts. We had a job to find a table in the buffet that was not full of dirty plates and food. When getting a coffee we were told we had to have paper cups as they were out of regular cups. Frosties are my favorite

cereal but everyday I was told they were out until I complained and they went and got some,,lol We had an interior room as that is all we could afford. I am quite a big guy so it was far to small especially the shower We went to one show and that was ok We did not like this cruise. Apart from the food being luke warm and un plentiful, we complained twice about the odor on our deck but nothing was ever done about it. It made us heave every time we went to and from our cabin.

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