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Celebrity Cruises: Reflection

Reflection Cruise Review

The fifth and final ship in Celebrity’s Solstice-class, Celebrity Reflection was launched in 2012 with all the premium features previously introduced by the cruise line and an expanded deck for even more. New on Celebrity Reflection are three new suite categories and more accommodations than her sister ships. From her winter home port of Miami, Celebrity Reflection sails weekly Eastern Caribbean cruises and then crosses the Atlantic for a season of longer Mediterranean voyages from Rome (Civitivecchia).

While Solstice-class ships are contemporary in design—even a bit edgy for Celebrity—the line included enough spaces with old-world ambience to satisfy traditionalists. The atmosphere is not unlike a hip boutique hotel filled with grand spaces as well as intimate nooks and crannies. Celebrity Reflection adds an additional deck for more high-end suite accommodations.

The Lawn Club, a half acre of real grass on deck 15, is where you can play genteel games of croquet, practice golf putting, indulge in lawn games and picnics, or simply take barefoot strolls. In a nearby open-air "theater" on Solstice, Eclipse, and Equinox, artisans demonstrate glassmaking in the Hot Glass Show. A similar space on Silhouette and Reflection houses an outdoor grill restaurant, and those ships, along with Solstice also have private cabanas in the Lawn Club (for a fee). These ships have a lot to offer families, with a family pool and the most extensive children's facilities in the Celebrity fleet.

Since it was founded in 1989, Celebrity Cruises has grown from a single refurbished ocean liner into a fleet of premium, sophisticated cruise ships that have a reputation for professional service, fine food, and some of the best design in the industry. Signature amenities have grown with the fleet, including gourmet specialty restaurants that carry an additional fee, large staterooms with generous storage, fully equipped spas, and butler service for guests in the top accommodations categories. Valuable art collections grace the stylish modern luxury ship interiors.

Although spacious accommodations in every category are a Celebrity standard, Concierge-class, an upscale element on all ships, makes certain premium ocean-view and balcony staterooms almost the equivalent of suites in terms of service. A Concierge-class stateroom includes numerous extras, such as chilled champagne, fresh fruit, and flowers upon arrival; exclusive room-service menus; evening canapés; luxury bedding, pillows, and linens; upgraded balcony furnishings; priority boarding and luggage service; and other VIP perks. At the touch of a single telephone button, a Concierge-class desk representative is at hand to offer assistance. Suites are still the ultimate, though, and include the services of a butler to assist with unpacking, booking spa services and dining reservations, shining shoes, and even replacing a popped button.

What You Should Know


  • An interactive TV system allows you to book shore excursions and order room service
  • Aqua-class has its own staircase direct to the spa
  • A Hospitality Director oversees restaurant reservations


  • Closet space is skimpy in standard cabins
  • There are no self-service laundries
  • Dining choices are plentiful, but pricey
Ship Stats
  • Crew Members 1,253
  • Entered Service 2012
  • Gross Tons 126,000
  • Length 1,047 ft.
  • Number of Cabins 1,515
  • Passenger Capacity 3,046
  • Width 123 ft.
  • Service

  • Food

  • Décor

  • Value

Dec 11, 2016

Truly wonderful experience!

We went on a 7 day cruise to the Eastern Caribbean on the Reflection. This was our first cruise ever. Let's just say that it will NOT be our last cruise with Celebrity!

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Mar 6, 2016


We think Celebrity is the best of the cruise lines. The Reflection is a good ship. Everything is laid out very well. Easy to get in and out of the shows, never had to hunt for a seat or have to get there 30 minutes early to get a seat. Boarding was easy and fast. We booked the Agua class state room and it is very good. We found the food to be very good just a little overpriced for the specialty dining. The food in the Blu is very good,

the Lawn club also very good. The Qusine wasn't very good and was very overpriced. Overall I would give Celebrity a 4 out of 5. The staff is very good the Buffet is very good just a little disorganized at times but very good food. The great thing about the Blu is you can get there at 5:45 and get out by 6:45 and make the 7PM show. Blu is Restaurant for Aqua class and above only seats about 150. The only problem we had was with the Quinine specially restaurant , it wasn't very good and was really overpriced at 90.00 per couple. State room was very good, very clean, TV is very up to date and easy to order room service from TV. You can do almost anything from TV. Good selection of Free movies and pay per view. OK We have been on 20 + cruises so we have done a lot of the excursions. The stops have been very commercialized, they are like tourist shake down spots. You don't really get to see the culture anymore. We stay on the ship and enjoy that everyone got off. No one is at the pool so we relax.

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Aug 11, 2014


This was our fourth cruise after looking for a change from being regular Sandals Caribbean holiday customers. We have only cruised with Royal Caribbean and this was our first cruise with their Celebrity Cruise company sailing on The Reflection. Our real enjoyment of holidays apart from the usual relaxation and sight seeing is meeting people from other countries and enjoying evenings of pleasant conversation during fine dining evenings.

It's always great to make new friends to keep in touch with through social media and even sometimes actually bonding with people so well that you meet up again. We admittedly enjoy the pretentiousness of the dressing up for evening dining in formal evening wear I.e Tuxedo , Ball Gown etc, and pay extra flight costs for the additional luggage etc to enjoy this to the full. For those who are regular cruisers you will understand the photo sessions on the staircases and the memorabilia you bring home from this little bit of self indulgence, So as for every holiday and like most people we saved all year and excitedly marked the days off the calender day by day in the final months running up to the holiday. This year we thought we would try Celebrity Cruises as we heard the standard of service was much higher so paid for a concierge room expecting 10 days of wonderful sightseeing and fine dining with people from around the world. The first night we made our way to the Opus restaurant and were placed in the corner of the restaurant by a window seat for 2 even though we clearly requested a table for around 10 in advance. We asked to be moved upon which the maitre d advised he would arrange something for the following evening. The next evening things got worse and we were given a table for 6 which only had ourselves dining at the table so now we found ourselves dressed in our best attire sharing a large table with no company. Fortunately an American couple nearby approached us and inquired if we would like to sit at their table with them as it was a large table for 12 and had empty seats. We gladly accepted and had a wonderful evening of conversation, fine food and tales from around the world. We retired that evening and having had such a wonderful time everyone insisted we join them for the rest of the cruise as we had all bonded so well. The next night was just as perfect, it was formal night so everyone was dressed like royalty and enjoying the pretend experience of being part of something elite, which sounds a bit snobby but it's just a nice little fantasy to take part in. The next night things turned very ugly for no apparent reason, whilst sitting at our new found seats with a large gathering the maitre d came over to the table and insisted we move back to the table set for 6 where no one else was sitting. We tried to reason and explain the silliness of what was being demanded but there was no getting through. Other diners at other tables around our table began to stare at the commotion and the people at our table remonstrated. Eventually the insistence was so overwhelming my wife walked out of the restaurant in embarrassment but the maitre d decided to chase after her her shouting about how her request was quite in order as though chasing her out of the restaurant. Incredible!! As you can imagine for everyone sitting around us they did not know what was going on and it just looked like we were being ejected from the restaurant. The friends we had met were left shocked. We were in a state of shock and embarrassment and although we made feeble complaints about what had happened it just resulted in us going back to our room and going to bed without eating. The next morning we went to the Oceaanview Cafe for breakfast and were acutely aware of people looking at us 'look the people thrown out of Opus'. Other passengers and even staff approached us saying how awful the event of the previous evening had been and could not understand what had gone on. So we now felt completely humiliated and did not return to Opus again, we were passed through a series of managers who voiced their disgust and determination to sort things out but actually did nothing. We were offered dining in the specialty restaurant but felt we would just be hiding and as people move from restaurant to restaurant we would still be the object of finger pointing. So our whole holiday was ruined and we ate in the corner of the cafe each night with all the fine clothes staying packed and our hearts heavy at the now sad lonely experience. Two days prior to the end of the cruise we were offered £50 compensation by the assistant Customer services manager which was met with the contempt it deserved and was later increased to an offer of £500 as a sincere apology. These people just couldn't get it, no matter how much we explained as we have above how much embarrassment and disappointment they had caused. Not to mention the costs of airport parking, airport hotel, pre cruise hotel, flights, cruise costs, additional luggage fees and the disappointment of working and saving a whole year to be treated in this way Cruising is brilliant and like anything things can go wrong. A good company will ensure the issues are fully understood and look after you. A poor company will take the view 'They will be gone in 10 Days let's leave them to deal with it when they get home'. Sadly we experienced the latter.

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Mar 25, 2014

Eastern Caribbean

This was our 8th. or 9th. Celebrity cruise. They were all wonderful, but this one was especially so. The ship sparkles. It is beautiful yet understated, not gaudy or flashy. Very comfortable and welcoming. The food was very good to excellent. In the MDR,the meats were well aged, tender and tasty. Vegies were streamed but firm. The menu has 2 pages. One for items available every day, and one for that particular dinner. The buffet was broken down

to many stations, so there were never long lines. The buffet food was very good. We had a balcony cabin with an obstructed view. It was spacious and nicely laid out, BUT very little storage space. Only 3 drawers for 2 people. Closet space is very limited as well. There were many activities, but I enjoy walking, reading and taking pix, so I did not participate. I do my own sightseeing. We were 4, my wife, her sister, my bro. in law and myself. We sailed from Miami to San Juan, St. Thomas & St. Martin. All ports that we've been to many times. When we boarded the ship we were amazes about how beautiful and inviting this ship is. Love at 1st. sight. We went to our cabin to drop of some items and met our cabin stewart. He was wonderful to us the whole cruise. The cabin was nice and roomy. We then went to the buffet for lunch. The layout is great and so was the food. Once we set sail, I enjoyed the Miami skyline and the open ocean. I took several hundred pix to be edited and enjoyed later. The ship has many wonderful and comfortable public areas and some that are out of the main traffic flow. In San Juan My wife & I just walked around Old Town, taking some pix and relaxing. The next day, in St Thomas, we took an island tour, enjoyed the beautiful scenery, and took more pix. I also went by myself to the old synagogue (one of the oldest in the Americas). I heard the Cantor tell the visitors about it's impressive history, and I took more pix. The next day we were in St Martin. My bro. in law and I went to Airport Beach to watch the planes land and take off and blast the beach goers. There were no planes. They were grounded up north because of the severe storms up there. Very disappointing but we still had fun. Then we had 2 more wonderful days at sea and lots more great food. I did not care for some of the shows since my wife and I are not big fans of production shows. There were some shows that we did enjoy very much, so for us the shows were a mixed bag. Fellow pax were very friendly and most said they were having a great time. Fellow pax were a mixed crowd of young couples, middle aged and retirees and all got along great.

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Mar 3, 2013


The overall experience with this ship was one of excellence Dining in the MDR and the additional venues was superb Stateroom was well planned, a touch limited on closet space There were many, many activities, planned for all ages and lifestyles did not use shore excursions, however, they looked to be quite good We limit our air travel these days due to extra costs, tight seating and baggage limitations. However, we have

taken Amtrak to Newark for air to Europe, and for this trip we took Amtrak to Miami. We had a roomette each way with upper and lower berth and private toilet. The roomette price provided three meals daily in the dining car, not bad at all. Taxi to the hotel we reserved in Miami was $45.00 one way. From the hotel to the Miami cruise terminal, another $45.00. Keep these $$ in mind if you plan to stay in the Miami area. Plus, tipping is extra. My partner Richard researched hotels for us in Miami and he loved the reviews of RED South Beach. Not exactly in Southie, the hotel is in fact across the street from the beach and the Miami Beach board walk along the sea. The hotel is on Collins. This part of Collins is being Gentrified. Red is indeed the color of choice at the hotel hence its name. Chinese red its glossy laquer graces desk, tables and chandeliers with glossy black accents and great use of mirrors. We opted for dinner here, Barok is the restaurant, and passsed on the South Beach scene. and had breakfast here as well. The bar is great, and there is a happy hour. Our suite was one of four by the pool. When we booked this cruise we did so because it was a group cruise to benefit the American Cancer Society, we are both cancer survivors, and our group was small, 17 total, and this was not an educational cruise, we had one meeting 90 minutes total during the cruise, as well as a group dinner in the Tuscan Grille. Seventeen thousand dollars was raised, including travel agent contribution. Ships our taxi passed at the port were Carnival Destiny, Celebrity Constellation, Carnival Liberty, NCL Epic, and Oceania Riviera. Non too small, even the Riviera looked large. We booked concierge Level, and boarded quickly through the Concierge line. All boarding seemed to be brisk and efficient. The ship was full, 3,046 passengers. We had the obligatory champagne when we boarded, and ran off to find our stateroom, quite easy, since we had one on the Silhouette nearly next to the one we had this time, on deck 9. At the door our head steward was there, Sabio, and soon his assistant, Geharig, from Goa and Philippines respectively. Inside the usual bottle of sparkling white wine, from our travel agent, fresh alstromerias on the desk, apricot tea roses in the bath, two discount packs for repeaters, binoculars, robes, Frette linens, tote bag and such, stocked honor bag fridge, and extended item room service for Concierge passengers. In addition, each evening at Concierge Level, in stateroom hors d'oerves were served. During the cruise a sturdy tote was given as an additional return gift. Prior to the stateroom visit, we had lunch in the Oceanview, the standard buffet. The selection was enormous and very well managed. Tables bussed quickly and there were staff members to help those in need of asstance with their large plates of food. I always check on our actual table as assigned, per my adamant request. I was directed to our table, which was to be a table for two, and it was a table for four. The maitre d'hotel assured me that the table was the best, the waiter staff the best, and it was directly to the right of the captains table. I accepted it, and it became a table for three, since our group leader, a great chap, Art Barski, a noted travel writer, dined with us on occasion. And, our wait staff and sommelier were the best. We had the ships muster, a noisy affair, passengers did not turn off their cells, laughed and talked through the entire drill. One crew member assigned to our muster station actually yelled "Shut up", which did no good, and when the video began for the drill, after the Spanish portion, the bedlam was even louder. We were told not to bring life vests, and no one did. Next, we went to the spa, asked about masseur availability, no, no masseurs, just masseuses, so, we booked nothing. Both Celebrity and Steiner lost $$ with us, we would have had 2 massages each during a 7 day cruise, and we also replenish spa supplies. Their loss. A cruise ship has only one hit at the perfect dinner, and for us, it is the first night dinner. The first night dinner was spot on great, they met the rule of first try perfect. The captain was not at his table, passengers were as was one of his senior officers. The second night, a formal night, dress code has become quite relaxed, not tux, no red carpet gowns needed, the captain did join his table, as is the custom on formal night. He saluted his raised glass to his table mates, and to us. We learned that Captain Nickolas Pagonis would leave the ship in San Juan, and his life at sea. We have sailed with him in his various positions at sea, since his Chandris days, on the SS The VICTORIA, the newly formed Celebrity Cruises SS MERIDIEN, and the brand new MV HORIZON. The captain was to head up a subsidiary of Royal Caribbean Internationals European travel company, Pullman Tours .A great reward for a wonderful man indeed. We have been to San Juan so many times, and have stayed there as well, that we do little when we call there on cruises. Basically we visit the CVS, look at the horse, he is the same white horse with his carriage we have known for quite some time, maybe walk a few streets back into the Old San Juan area,, and that is about it. A visit to El Morro and other areas is worth it. Regardless of what you may hear, this is NOT a duty free shopping port. Save it for later on during the cruise. The entertainment on Celebrity is exceptionally good, and similar between its ships. Some of the highlights that we enjoyed were diverse. One really good show, I know, the same old same old Broadway salute - only with a real difference. One night the ships production ensemble had a triple "W" number, a mixture of The Wizard of Oz, The Wiz and Wicked. Highlights from the shows were sung live to the "Reflection Orchestra" and with the top rate costumes, dancing and singing, brought down the house. Another big show was a tribute to Jersey Boys, and a third featured both Phantoms. These were ambitious shows, showcasing the brilliant choreography, rich costumes and professional singers. Cirque like performances have become a staple on Celebrity, and sprinkled in with most production shows in the Reflection Theatre were a few acrobatic numbers, plus one spectacle of Cirque brilliance, one show dedicated to high flying, twists and acrobatic performing, while a live rock band played. This was a work of genius on a sailing, ship at sea. Yet, there were other almost "impromptu" performances, created to give a feeling as impromptu as a block party, held in the ships Grand Foyer, with the Atria towering twelve decks above. More lavish costumes, mainly lip-syncing dancers, use the double stair case as their stage, with passenger participation with the dancers, offering a close up visit with the cast. Where the Silhouette has a dedicated disco, this nightly foyer party gives a disco air, since the Reflection has no disco. There are several dining venues which are reserved, and have additional fees. The ones we loved on the Silhouette we reserved on the Reflection. The Tuscan Grille is the Italian one, with a contemporary Tuscan twist to the preparation of the food. The room is large, and broken up in to smaller areas, for intimate dinings pots. The view aft to sea is breathtaking. Here as well as in all dining venues, the flatware and crockery is unique to the setting and feel of the room. A barreled ceiling, with oversized wine barrels, tiles, sunset and earthy Italian tones greet as one enters. An authentic vibe through the decor is a true reflection on Tuscan flair. The menu, with a slight nod to the contemporary, is pure Tuscan. Highlights that we enjoyed Antipasti Platter, offering a proper charcuterie consisting of sopresseta, salami, bologna, chorizo, all sliced, garnished with grilled baby vegetables, selection of olives, is enough for two to share, and is delectable. A banquette or puglisi with olive oil and spices, is replaced as needed. Next, came the Cioppino, similar to a French bouillabaisse, chock full of clams mussels, squid (calalamri), halibut and shrimp, in a light fume. There are daily specials, and favorites for El Primi. Rib eye, steaks, pork, Parpadelle Primavera, a chicken dish with goats cheese, over the iconic pasta and much more. Desserts are also superb, Tuscan Panna Cotta being the signature here. Additionaly, gelato with macerated fruit changes daily. The wine list has a noticeable slant to the finer wines from Italy, for us, a good thing, there were some great Chiani Classicos. The main dining room, Grand Cuvee, is nearly identical to Opus on the Silhouette. I covered the Cuvee in a previous review here, and will only mention it because it is so handsome. There was one massive grand "brunch" held here during the cruise. It was truly, massive, I have never seen such a spread of food in one place before, open to one and all. There was nothing left out for a late AM to brunch time hour. There were several carved ice sculptures. Both levels of the dining room were open for seating. We sat on the upper level at the rail to we could see the goings on below. This absolutely blew our minds. Cafe Bacio is a little street type venue, like one you may find in Rome, or Catania or Florence. Crepes, pastries, gelati, sandwiches - oh my - available nearly 24 hours. It was here that I learned that the gelato as well as nearly everything that could be made fresh and from scratch on Celebrity ships is indeed made on board.Each time we sail with Celebrity we both are awed at the lengths this line goes to assure passenger pleasure. Qsine and the Lawn we have yet to try. We did go back to Murano during this cruise twice, as we did on our 12 night Silhouette cruise. What a meal and what a gorgeous room Muran is. The name is Italian, the food is contemporary French. Plush and elegant is a good way to describe the room. Banquettes and softly lit areas create a sense of private dining, and there is one ante- room for private parties. Wild Forest Mushroom "cappuccino" is a trademark here, a soup that is served like a caffe cappuccino, poured from a large china coffee pot, garnished with panna cotta and biscotti. Diver scallops, sliced three ways, with slices of black truffles ,pan seared duck breast croustillant, , twisted bread pillows , Maine lobster bisque, Petit filet mignon, with peas melange and beef jus, the most amazing select and prepared vegetable, and fresh soufflés - this is what pure kelp pleasure for us is at table. W always enjoy St. Maarten, Dutch side, with its quirky side streets and naughty bars. We tried the Blue Bitch Bar, serving healthily portioned rum their own, a blue tinted rum at that, Try their blue mojitos, or their iconic blue rum libations. We stayed for lunch, with the best conch cakes we have had in years, and rum soused coconut shrimp. Never tired of shopping, Mr. Tablecloth always gets our business, here or in the other islands, and we also have favorite jewelry shops as well. We were in with the Norwegian Epic. Next and last port, St. Kitts, docked with the two smallest Seabourn ships. My how St. Kitts has grown and modernized over the years. I remember when it was dirt roads, no shops, nada. Today the major shops found elsewhere in the caribbean are there, as well as Piranha Joes, for good quality tees, an other souvenir items. We went to Sweet Cane for lunch, and more dynamite rum drinks. That really sums up this 7 days of heaven we really enjoyed. For us, the best cruise is not the one we just enjoyed, its the one next. We are booked on the Silhouette for a 16 day in 2013, and have placed a deposit for a future cruise on an as yet to be booked cruise. To sum Celebrity up quickly, I can only say: The ships are classic, comfortable modern, to be sure, yet, traditional.

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