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A single-ship cruise line, the Aranui 3 company offers 14-day itineraries through the Marquesas Islands from Tahiti, departing every other Saturday and returning two weeks later on Friday. The ship carries both cargo and passengers and provides a lifeline to the less-visited islands in the Marquesas. Additionally, it’s the easiest and simplest way to visit a variety of these islands. It’s a one-of-a-kind ship with a mostly local, Polynesian crew.Read More

Although the fares are not cheap, they are relatively all-inclusive. Fares include meals (with wine) and excursions in ports, and they are comparable to a land-based vacation of similar length. Alcoholic beverages and the (usually) slow Internet service are not included in the cruise rates. The only real drawback to the cruise is that the cargo needs of the ship occasionally come before the passengers’ needs, so you might have a short stay in a port in order to move more quickly to the next island that has more goods for delivery.

Is This Line Right for You?

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You want to visit some exotic islands in the South Pacific that few travelers ever see.
You are looking for a unique ship-based vacation that is as far from the typical big-ship cruise experience as one can get.
You want to learn more about French Polynesia, its people, and its culture; the crew are happy to share their culture, and lecturers are invited onto most cruises to give more in-depth information.
You’re looking to do some in-depth exploring; many of the port calls are brief, and you will never overnight in a port.
You are looking for a luxury vacation; the ship is comfortable but by no means luxurious.
You prefer a big cruise ship with a lot of onboard amenities; here you’re limited to a small gym and a tiny pool.
800/972–7268 or 650/574–2575

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