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This established German river-cruise company has never reached out before to the English-speaking market, but for the first time in 2013, several itineraries (primarily in the summer months) will be offered to American cruisers.Read More

The two ships on which English itineraries are offered, A-ROSA Stella and A-ROSA Silva, are luxuriously appointed and offer an all-inclusive pricing structure, even extending to round-trip flights to Europe. Many cabins have balconies, though some are only small Juliet-style. On board, dining is always open seating, and chefs try to locally source ingredients whenever possible. As on other river cruises, shore excursions are included in every port, and the ships carry bicycles that can be borrowed anytime. A real luxury is the small spa, which isn’t often found on a river cruise ship. The itineraries offered range from 7 to 14 nights and cover Europe from stem to stern, though they are limited to eight sailings in 2013.

The company is represented in the United States by David Morris International.

Is This Line Right for You?

Choose this Line If
Don’t Choose this Line If
You don’t want to pay airfare to Europe. All these cruises include round-trip air from North America.
You like balconies. Most cabins on A-ROSA river ships have some kind of balcony, either a “Juliet” balcony or a full balcony.
You don’t like paying for extras. These cruises really are all-inclusive, including a full open bar and all gratuities to staff.
You like a lot of options for itineraries. English-language cruises are only offered on two ships on eight different sailings (for 2013 at least).
You want to cruise in the spring. At this writing, itineraries are only offered in the summer months (late June through August) and a couple of holiday cruises.
You like an international mix of passengers. These sailings are marketed solely to Americans and Canadians.

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