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Joan Nov 25th, 2001 10:47 PM

Wanted: Private and Economical in St. John
I have done several searches on the Internet, but I keep coming up with only the most exclusive private homes for rent at St. John. I don't mind a small place to stay, as long as the area is pretty. Can anyone recommend a real estate company to contact for smaller rentals? Thanks!

Julie Nov 26th, 2001 04:47 AM

Hi Joan,<BR><BR>I'm not sure what your price range is, but probably has the biggest selection of villas on St. John, with a decent price range. Also try, www., and These are all the biggies. CateredTo also has nice villas, but they are pretty high end.<BR><BR>With that said, STJ just doesn't have as many lower prices villas as high-end ones. There aren't a lot of 1BR villas either, but most rental agencies charge by the number of people home as opposed to the size. In other words, you probably could rent a 3 or 4BR villa for two at about the same price as a 1BR for two. If you're looking to cut costs, definitely think about the off-season, when prices are usually about half as much. You might also think about a condo like Estate Lindholm, Lavender Hill, Coconuut Coast, Gallows Point, etc., etc. I think Gallows is the priciest of this group but still cheaper than most private villas (unless they've raised their prices substantially since I last checked). The Westin also runs some pretty good specials sometimes (check with a travel agent). They don't have the best beach, but if you're just going to use them as a home base for touring the island by jeep, it might not be a bad choice--they are very centrally located.

Julie Nov 26th, 2001 04:55 AM

Just thought of one you might like. Try this link. Villas don't get too much cheaper than this, but this one still sounds pretty nice to me and it's in a good area.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Actually, I just realized one of the urls in my first reply is wrong. I think it's (as opposed to Good luck!<BR><BR>

John Nov 26th, 2001 01:34 PM

My Fiance' and I are heading to St. John for our Honeymoon on Dec. 2nd. We booked a nice condo from http://www.parksislevillas we are staying at one of the Battery Hill units. It looks very nice and hopefully was the right choice. I can report back in a few weeks if it is not too late for you.<BR><BR>

John Nov 26th, 2001 01:35 PM


Karen Nov 26th, 2001 04:34 PM has a wide variety of cottages and villas that might appeal. You might also check (caribbean villa's owners assoc) as some of the owners do tie in charter prices for airfare with their places.

phil Nov 26th, 2001 05:33 PM

Joan,<BR>There was an article in a travel magazone a few years ago highlighting cabins for rent in the National Park in St. John's. I think they are run by the park service.<BR>From what I remember, the rooms looked nice and the price was reasonable.<BR>Maybe someone can give you more details. Good luck.

Joan Nov 26th, 2001 09:52 PM

Thanks so much for the recommended sites and info!<BR>Joan

joan Nov 26th, 2001 10:19 PM

I have looked at the sites recommended and have written down numbers to call tomorrow. Thanks, again! I am still very interested in info if anyone knows about the cabins for rent in the national park, as one poster mentioned.

Sue Nov 27th, 2001 05:14 AM

Cinnamon Bay Campground may be what the previous poster was referring to.

Shari Nov 27th, 2001 12:32 PM

Check out this website for USVI info.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Click on St. John, then on accomodations and you will get listings for resorts and hotels, condos, villas, guesthouses and campgrounds. The Cinnamon Bay Campground referred to in the above post is listed, as well as Maho Bay Campground.

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