Safety & Precautions

Pickpocketers and muggers, often violent, are serious problems for residents and visitors alike. Most downtown areas, including those popular with tourists, are usually safe during the day, though you should be careful absolutely everywhere you go. Note that even residents do not go out alone on foot in most neighborhoods after dark. Use taxis at night, even if you are traveling a short distance.

When visiting the city, never wear expensive clothing or flashy jewelry, and don't handle money in public. It's a good idea to keep your money in a pocket or a hidden money belt rather than a wallet, which is easier to steal. On buses, in the subway, and in crowded areas, hold purses or camera bags close to your body (or, better yet, leave most belongings in the hotel lock box when you are out exploring); thieves use knives to slice the bottom of a bag and catch the contents as they fall out.

Avoid all political demonstrations. They're quite common in Caracas and occasionally result in clashes between demonstrators and police.

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